Monday, March 23, 2009

"Those days"

You know those days when the kids do something that just makes you shake your head and sigh? Ya, that was today. Well, it's actually most days in my house, but today was a real head shaker.
Hunter is in full force potty training. I call it Boot Camp. I took away his diapers completely (except at night), and he's just in underwear. He has to go to the potty or pee his pants. And he's already decided he doesn't like peeing his pants just for the fact that he has to change clothes and get washed down in the tub every time he does it. So, we've come to an agreement that he can go potty on his own, standing at the toilet (will not even consider a training potty), as long as he doesn't play in the bathroom. Who am I to be picky? I just want him out of diapers for good, so I'm willing to bend.
That brings me to our episode today. The head shaking moment that added more work to my day. I heard Hunter going potty, the flush, then run the water. I assumed he was washing his hands so I didn't pay attention to him after that. I noticed after awhile he wasn't coming out and he was being very quiet. I went in to the bathroom to find my sweet, helpful Hunter cleaning the bathroom with a sponge..... and using the toilet water. So I assume. And I'm going to assume that because the lid was open and a very wet towel lay next to the toilet. I just assumed, and scrubbed the bathroom top to bottom. Shaking my head and sighing. What else can I do? He was trying to be helpful! Just using the wrong kind of water.
Oh, and we did have a long talk about why we don't use toilet water to wash the bathroom with. Hopefully it won't happen again.

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