Friday, September 15, 2006

The Box:: This being the story of a soldier's wife, and her box

**I posted this on my other two blogs, so, sorry if it's a repeat for some of you! Thanks for bearing with me, though**

I recently came to the realization that my relationship with my deployed husband is dependent on a box. Every Friday, like clockwork, I mail him a box. The box has a variety of things in it. Licorice, cookies, tobacco, magazines, books, pictures of the kids, pictures the kids drew, a letter from me. I try to make each box a little different so that it's like his birthday every time he opens it. And, I try to fit as much love as I can into each one.
But now I'm thinking, when did this happen? When did our lives become so dependent on a box?
As I thought more about it, I imagined a conversation between me and God that went something like this:

God: It's time now, Peggie. Andrew has to go away for a little while.
Me: But I will miss him! What am I going to do without him!
God: It will be ok. I'll be here with you. I will give you something to help you stay connected.

God hands me a box. It's a plain, brown, cardboard box. Not very big and not very small. There's nothing in it and nothing written on it. I turn the box over in my hands and then look at God. "What do I do with it?" I ask.
"Fill it with love," God replies.
So, every Friday I fill my box with as much love as I can get into it and mail it to a far-a-way place. In that far-a-way place, my husband waits anxiously for his box that he knows is filled with love.
But some weeks I'm lazy. Some weeks I don't feel like it, or I'm too sad and I don't get the box mailed out. I wonder what he thinks on those weeks. Is he sad that he didn't get one? Does he wonder why I didn't send it?
On those weeks, God hands me my box and reminds me what it's for.


Sandy said...

This is What an insighful and beautiful piece. May God keep handing you those boxes.

Lori Anne said...

OK, you did it again. You made me cry. It is very beautiful. You are truly amazing. Hope I grow up to be like you someday.

Linda said...

awesome post. I'm a military wife, but I can't relate, as I have been extremely blessed (SO far) in being able to keep my husband home. But should he get deployed (and odds are that he eventually will), I will remember this story, and fill a box with love every week!

bamatoni said...

Oh, poor dear girl. Your story of the box is so beautiful and yes, I am sure God has given you this purpose to make the time go by faster for you and Andrew. When you go from Friday to Friday, it seems that time just flies. Hang in there and keep filling that box. I am sure it makes his buddies wish they had wives like you.

Jen said...

Will you please stop making me cry???? I know he feels your love every time he opens his box and appreciates what you do! I'm sending you all HUGS!!!!