Sunday, September 03, 2006

Niagara Falls at Night

I love this picture! At night, lights come from the Canadian side to light up the falls. They change, sometimes it's rainbow, sometimes it's all blues and greens. Beautiful no matter what! But of all the (millions) of pictures my dad took at night, this is by far my favorite.
You can see the American Falls lit up, the lights coming from the Canadian side, the lit up skyline of Niagara Falls, Ontario, the lights reflecting on the water.... This is so breathtaking to me!
And waaaaaa...... I didn't take it! (pouting)(stamping my foot)
That's ok, my dad's proved time and time again he's an amazing photographer. He has an awesome eye for detail. And with all his expensive cameras I'm the only one he trusts to use them whenever I want to!
One thing that is difficult about photographing the falls is that your camera keeps focusing on the mist. So a lot of the night time pics my dad took, the falls were blurry, but the mist was in focus. A lot of the daytime pics are like that, too.

Now tomorrow we're going to my parents for a Labor Day cookout and we get to view the 100 hours of video he took! Yipee!!! (yawn)


Sandy said...

Wow! Now THAT is beautiful. And frankly, your day time photos are fantastic too!

Chaos Mommy said...

Thank you, and don't call me Frankly!
I thought you'd appreciate these!

Anonymous said...

there wasn't even 20 minutes of video. (they wouldn't let me take anymore something about this place with glass figurines)

the Dad

Jen said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is breathtaking! LOVE them - thanks for sharing, Peg!