Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Meet the Parents

I've been talking about my folks so much lately that I thought I'd introduce them proper-like!
So everyone, meet my parents!

Steve and Nancy. And yes, they wear weird hats! And yes, my dad has his ear pierced and a sort of foo-man-choo going on.

They met in high school. Dated on and off and then decided they should probably just get married cause it made no sense to hook up with anyone else. Ok ya, they were in love. Oh, and pregnant, but don't tell anyone!

So, they had my sister and they had me 8 years later and then decided they would like to go to college. So, in their mid 30's they hauled us off to a new town and went to college. My mom getting her BS in teaching and my dad in computer programming, or something boring like that.

Now she's a nurse, and he's a web designer. Well, he actually only designs one web, but it's a darn good one!

So, that's the parents, in case you ever wondered!


kateandjona said...

Hey Peggie - you're not going to believe this but my mom is "Nancy" too! Too funny!

Jen said...

ROFL at that picture!
Thanks for the parental intro. They sounds WONDERFUL!

Lori Anne said...

I love the picture. Way too cute. That's cool that they went to college later in life. Gives me hope for myself.

Amber said...

Thanks for sharing that Peggie... love the pic!

Roe said...

I love the picture and the commentary!