Saturday, September 02, 2006

National Lampoon's Niagara Falls Vacation

Ok, you asked for it, get ready to be bombed with vacation photos!!!
For starters, here's the camper that we crammed 9 people in to. This is what the lap of luxury looks like, and I got to spend 4 whole days in it!I can guarantee that Hunter had the best seat in the house! We were all jealous of him! I'm sure you can see why. None of us rested as good as he did the whole vacation.
My dad and brother-in-law did all of the driving. After we picked up our Ohio cousins, Rodney drove some, too.
My sister, Colleen and her hubby, Ron, enjoyed the bouncing around on the bed in the back. I mean actual bouncing here, people! Get your heads out of the gutter! Some people sat in the back on the bed as it was more comfortable, but you got bounced around a lot.
One of the nicest things about having this RV was the bathroom. With that many people, we all had to go to the bathroom at different times. So it was nice to just be able to get up and go and not make everyone pull over. Especially with the kids!
My sister wanted to make sure we brought the rocking chair in case anyone kicked the bucket on our trip. We forgot the rocking chair, so it was a good thing that we all made it home alive! Otherwise they'd just have to tie us to the ladder on the back of the RV.


Jen said...

GREAT photos - kind of the like the Griswolds, huh? :)

Chaos Mommy said...

You have NO idea!!! LOL!!!

Roe said...

Hunter is so cute!!

When we had to take the dreaded 'family vacation' when I was in my early teens, my mom and I used to refer to my dad as Clark (as in Griswold). We drove from NY to FL because my father, the former paratrooper, is afraid to fly. Ironic, no?