Thursday, September 07, 2006

Remembering the Victims of Sept. 11

On Sept. 11, the 5 year anniversary of the worst terrorst attack on U.S. soil, this blog will remember
John Napolitano and the great sacrifice this firefighter made trying to save the people in the World Trade Center. Please visit September 11 Victims: John Napolitano and come back here on Sept. 11 to say a prayer for him, thank him for his heroic sacrifice, and pray for his family and friends.
Thank you!


Jen said...

Excuse while I wipe the tears! He will be remembered - thanks, Peg!

Anthony said...

This is one of the most important things being done, I think. It is much more important to remember the people than to make the event.

As you are available, I would appreciate you having a look at my tribute.

The Lives And Times Of Anthony McCune