Sunday, November 05, 2006

Halloween? Umm, that was, like, almost a week ago!

Ya ya ya.... I'm way behind on this. But I can't have three adorable trick or treaters and not share their pictures with everyone.
As with most years, because we live in Wisconsin, it was darn cold out. Husband said it was 34 degrees when we were trick or treating! I held Hunter most of the time just to keep myself warm! Louisa realized the importance of wearing gloves even if they don't match her costume. Isn't it great when we can teach them a lesson and then in our minds we can say "See, I told ya so!" and have that smug satisfaction of BEING RIGHT!?
Back in my day, it snowed most years on Halloween and we'd have to smush our snowpants and boots under our costumes! Ok, that only happened one year that I can remember, but I like to tell the story over and over again so it seems like it happened every year.
We got loaded up on candy, and candy, and um... popcorn. Not really sure what was up with this, but an old lady had popped popcorn, put it in a styrofoam cup, in a zip lock baggie. Ok.... in this day and age we just don't do that anymore. She asked the kids if they wanted candy or popcorn. Louisa said candy, but 9 times out of 10 Drew would choose the popcorn. We let him take it, but decided to throw it out when we got home. Too late. He got to it before we could check it out. He's still alive, though. I assume it's just a sweet old lady who's done that for years. I mean, when I was little we got pennies, apples and oranges, home made popcorn balls, home made cookies... all sorts of things you'd never get now.
So, without further ado, here are my little frozen trick or treat-sicles!
Is this not the cutest darn Yoda you've ever seen in your life?!!!!

Harry Potter and the Rennaisance Princess.


Jen said...

Those are 3 of the cutest trick or treaters I've ever seen!!!!!! It WAS cold!

Sandy said...

First - the sidebar looks fine on my monitor. Maybe it's screen size setting?

Second, and more importantly those are three adorable trick or treaters! :)

Lori said...

Oh. My. Gosh. Can I please just pick up Yoda and give him a huge SQUEEZE????

They look great! Thanks for sharing!

Anna said...

"yoda, boy cutest ever, Seen I have!"

Aahhh, see this is what sux about living in Australia. My kids have never TOT'd. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of halloween, funny I can't remember it being cold weather. I guess I just was too excited to remember!