Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Life is Good, and I'm Singing From the Mountain Tops!

On Monday we got the good word. The very good word. The word that made me cry and scream and dance and get dizzy all at the same exact time.
Seven months apart. We spent seven months apart from eachother. Some days went by in a blurr, some days it seemed as if husband wasn't a real person but someone I had made up in one of my crazy fantasies that sometimes become a little too real for comfort, some days I felt as if he never was going to come home.
It's all over. I don't have to worry, I can eat again, I can sleep again, I can laugh without feeling guilty, I can cry tears of relief and joy instead of pain and heartache.
Life is good. Right now, in this moment, life is good!
On Monday, we got the word that husband's unit has completed their mission in Afghanistan and they are no longer needed. The few guys that got to come home on leave like husband did get to stay here and report back to their army base. The guys who were left in Afghanistan will return home within 30 days.
I don't have to say good-bye again. I get to love him and hug him and keep him all for myself for awhile longer. And eventhough he'll leave on Saturday to go back to his army base, and the kids and I will remain here in Wisconsin until an on-base house becomes available, he will still be mine. Mine to call whenever I want to. Mine to know where he is, what he's doing, and that he's safe. Mine who's so close to me now that I can reach out and touch him whenever I need him.
Life is good!


Amber said...

That is the best news! I am so happy for you guys! I hope that the housing opens up quickly so you don't have to spend much time in separate states!

BethGo said...

That is really great news. Please do thank your husband for his hard work and dedication protecting us all. You are an amazing family.

Anna said...

I am so happy for you both, really, really happy. I know you've been getting quite a few cuddles lately and it must be so nice to know you can go on having them. The kids must be over the moon. My ex, Eric was a U.S army brat, he was 4 years old before he met his father who did 3 Vietnam tours back to back. Eric's mother was german and they were living on a base in Munich, when the father came home. Eric couldn't speak a word of English and was terrified of his father. Terrified!!! Thank goodness that won't happen to your little one! (I still laugh when I think about Eric's dad coming home, apparently Eic was wearing lederhosen that day, his father named him Fritz from then on!)

Lori said...

I'm so happy for you guys!!!! :)

Jen said...

WOO HOO!!!!!!! I am so happy for ALL of you!!!!!! Thank him again for us!

navywife6 said...

Darlin NO ONE I know deserves this more than you...not even me at the moment. I think we are all tested and you passed with FLYING colors. I hope when Shayne comes home in 7 months that I am as strong and kind hearted still as you are...instead of the weepy, nasty woman I feel like I am now.

You are what every MILITARY wife strives to made it look easy when we all know its not. So honey you rock...and enjoy this moment and the ones to come.

Thanks for being our ROCK all the time.