Thursday, November 30, 2006

We Have Arrived!

Don't you want to just announce your arrival sometimes? Like walk in to a gathering and cup your hands around your mouth and go "Da, da, da, daaaaaaaa..... Ladies and Gentlemen.... I, have arrived!"
I feel like doing that now. I'm here in Ft. Polk, Louisiana and I should have people running up to meet me. I'm nice gosh darn it! Come say Hi, give a smile, I promise I'll return it! There's no need to be on guard here, just let go and say Hello! Well, we'll give it time. But I hope it happens soon. I can't unpack and help the kids adjust foreve. At some point I have to make my own friends and get involved in stuff again like I was in my old town. There was such a fanfare of good-byes and hugs and tears when we left, I guess I feel a little jilted that the same type of fanfare isn't waiting for me to arrive here.
Instead of fanfare, I have a house full of boxes. Husband was astonished by the number of boxes that belonged to us in the never ending trailer of the semi today. Or well, yesterday, I guess. I think "today" cause I haven't really gone to bed yet! But husband gets up in less than an hour to go to work, so I guess I should get some kind of sleep before I start an exciting new day of unpacking boxes and unwrapping countless forgotten treasures! It's amazing all the things you thought you've lost until you move and POP! there they are magically wrapped in a box marked "misc". Of which I have hundreds, by the way. Ok, well, not hundreds per say... but many, many, many boxes lazily marked "misc".


kateandjona said...

Glad to see all your stuff arrived! "Misc" - ugh! I've still got a few boxes labeled "Misc" sitting in the garage from our move 8 years ago!

navywife6 said...

ROFLMAO....ya know I think they label them that way on purpose so we DON'T know what to do with them.

If I lived there I'd be dancing in the streets to meet you...because you ROCK...hang in there honey and get your house in order.

Amber said...

I hate those misc boxes! I hope you get unpacked soon! Don't worry you will make tons of friends!

Lori said...

Welcome home! Glad everyone and everything made it safely! :)

Sandy said...

Glad the lot of you and your stuff have arrived.

And, if you ever move to my state, I expect to hear that drum roll. how else will I know to start the pep rally?!