Sunday, March 04, 2007

Drew's first birthday party

Drew went to his first birthday party yesterday. His first non-family party, anyway. There isn't much to do here for birthdays, so they went to the bowling alley. There's bowling, roller skating, swimming at the pool, going to the Burger King playland, or having the party at your house. For kindergarteners bowling seems like the best choice.
While Louisa and I were waiting for Drew, we bowled three games and ate nachos, corn dogs and soda. It was good connecting time for us. We don't get that often. Hunter sat in his stroller and cheered us on!
Drew was the only boy at a princess party with all girls. The whole class was invited, but maybe the princess crown invitation turned off the boys in the class. I'm glad he went, though. At home, Drew is used to being the center of attention. He's the "class clown" so to speak. He is always the loudest and the funniest. Louisa spends a lot of time stepping aside for him. Drew needed this birthday party as a learning experience; that he can't always be the center of attention. Sometimes other kids get to be more important. It was hard for him. I kept watching him interract with the other kids. He was trying to be funny and silly to get their attention. The other kids wanted to crowd around the birthday girl, so they weren't paying as much attention to him as they might in school. Drew caught on pretty quick, though. He realized that his ticket to popularity yesterday would lie with getting the attention of the birthday girl.
After awhile he was stuck to her side. He would help her or tell her a joke or sit next to her. When she opened his present he was right next to her telling her what it was and how to play with it.
Now he's talking about his own birthday party, and who he's going to invite and what cake to have and what goodies to give out and what to play and what decorations to have and... and.... and..... His party isn't until May, but I'm sure it will be thoroughly planned by then. And then he'll have his day to be the center of attention among his friends.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like he had great fun and you and Louisa had great fun too.