Friday, March 02, 2007

In Like a Lion

Wow did March come in like a lion or what? Horrible thunderstorms, deadly tornadoes, more snowstorms for the north....
Louisa had a "Lion" day yesterday, too. We found out she has decay on three of her teeth underneath some fillings. She'll have to go back and have the fillings removed and get her teeth fixed. Luckily they are all baby teeth, so eventually they will fall out. They need to be fixed, though, because the decay on two of the teeth is getting too close to the nerve. And one of her teeth actually needs a crown on it.
I blame my dad.
Or maybe even my grandad.
Either way, this is all the fault of genetics.
We did have a great day playing hooky yesterday, though. The dentist office was a lot of fun. The staff really enjoyed working there and it showed. Lots of bright smiling faces to help calm the nerves of anxious kids. My kids love going to the dentist. They have never been afraid, but I'm glad for such a caring dental office for those kids who are afraid. Even Hunter had fun. He got lots of attention from all those cute female dental hygienists.
When it came time for the dentist to come talk to me about Louisa's teeth, he did a good job of calming our fears and helping us to understand that this isn't serious. She will be given a local anesthetic only and she'll know everything they are doing. He was one of those southern good ole boys. Very happy and jolly and hospitable. I know he'll take good care of her.
After the dentist we went to IHOP for lunch. The kids ate big gooey smiley face pancakes and I had a delicious spinach salad with crispy chicken, bacon, tomatoes and honey mustard dressing.
We had to make a stop at the fabric store to pick out some fleece to make blankets for a few friends who need some extra love. The kids picked out fleece for blankets for themselves, too. There went all my birthday money! Oh well. I can never think of anything to buy myself anyway.
So now I have to go sort through all the Girl Scout cookies I picked up last night. (While I sample a few!)


~jen said...

Poor baby, I hope all of the work on her teeth goes well! I'm glad you guys had a fun day- sometimes you just need one of those:) And did you mention cookies??? Hehehe, like my freezer isn't already stacked! And yet here I am, practically drooling in anticipation for my box from Louisa to arrive:)

kateandjona said...

Mmmm! IHop! Sounds like a good day to me!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great day. Think I could make that trip to the dentist and pretend I'm little too. I hate going to the dentist and really need too.

Sounds like you had a great day of playing hooky.