Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Things it took me 29 years to learn, and things I still have to learn

Here's a list of things it took me 29 years to learn:
~saying I'm sorry fixes most situations
~rinsing off the dishes right after dinner saves me a lot of work later
~having the kids help me with chores isn't a bad thing
~laughing at myself makes life more bearable
~being grateful as often as I can is healthy
~giving without expecting anything makes my life fuller
~good friends are real- they do exsist!
~family is family no matter the distance
~distance makes the heart grow more fonder than I ever wanted to know
~vacuuming the house does not cause an allergic reaction
~neither does washing windows
~they both, in fact, burn off calories
~that I later put back on while eating cookies and milk
~it's ok to eat what I want, like cookies and milk
~God forgives us, but we have to ask and actually be sorry
~there is no sin we can hide from God (thanks Bible Babes!)
~the kids grow faster than anticipated and I can't stop it
~use time with the kids wisely, play games, read books, be silly

Things I Still Have to Learn:
~not everyone is like me
~not everyone WILL like me
~people can change, but most probably won't
~folding clothes does not cause an allergic reaction
~even smart children can do dumb things
~smart adults WILL do dumb things
~children can't read our minds
~husbands can't read our minds
~the trash doesn't take itself out
~the dog can't walk himself
~the cats are always going to be lazy
~I don't always get to be lazy
~I am not a cat
~I can walk the dog to be less lazy
~cats do not like going for walks

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Amber said...

Very good lists! Good luck on learning those things you have not yet, and good job on learning the things you have!