Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Picture time again!

Partly because I just unloaded my camera, and partly because Hunter has some new kicks to show off, it's picture time again!

This morning when we woke up it was thunder storming outside and the sky was pitch black. Drew crawled in bed with me for a few minutes and we listened to the rain hitting the roof and windows. It was nice to take a minute, just me and him, and be a part of nature.

After lunch it had stopped raining, so Hunter and I took a walk down two blocks to the mail box to mail some letters. He had on his new Sponge Bob crocs and was jumping in all the puddles. We stopped to look at a tree that had blossomed. We barked back at all the dogs that barked at us. We picked up sticks and pine cones. We enjoyed nature.

If the kids remember anything about growing up with me as their mom, I hope that's it. I hope they remember all the times we just paused and looked around us, marveling in all that God has created. That's one of the biggest memories I have of my mom growing up. All the walks we took, her letting me get as messy as I wanted, and letting me pick up any "treasure" that caught my eye.

Keeping in the spirit of nature, here's some pics of the kids playing outdoors:

{Here's Hunter playing in the backyard the other day. Notice his new shoes? This is new shoe pair number one. His camouflage crocs. They are the littlest cutest things! He's picking clover, but don't worry, there's plenty more for the bunnies!}

{This was on our walk today. New shoe pair number two. His Sponge Bob crocs. One kept falling off. He thought that was pretty funny. Here we had to stop and pick these little yellow flowers growing in the grass.}

{Drew playing in our little house in the backyard. The kids love to play in it. I bought it in the fall last year for really cheap. It doesn't hold together very well, though, because I lost the screws! So sometimes it becomes a puzzle!}

{Louisa is getting more and more gorgeous by the day! Her bright sunshiny face is one of the best gifts I have. She is so great at helping me take care of the boys. I'm very blessed to have her.}

{Here's Flash, all tuckered out after playing chase with the kids.}


Amber said...

I love all the pictures! They always grow so much between photos! I bet the kids will be taking their own kids on nature walks someday.

Kim said...

Family walks are some of the best memories that I have also. My grandmother used to take us for long walks when we visited... she always had a long stick - and so my sister and I had to have one too. We would also take long drives to fancy neighborhoods and we'd each "pick out" our future house! LOL... thanks for reminding me of some great memories! Cute pictures!!!

Elle said...

Great pics!

Jenn said...

Makes me want to take the kids for a walk in the rain after lunch. Maybe I will. Depends how cold it is after lunch.

Anonymous said...

My husband would get mad at me if I put yellow shoes on one of my boys. He's a real macho type man. They are very cute shoes though.