Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ahh... the odoriferous smell of cat pee

Yes, you heard me right. Cat. Pee. I've had the pleasure of smelling cat pee all night long. And all day for that matter. Scooter accidentally peed on the couch today after I brought him home from the vet. He was a tad disoriented after his big day yesterday of getting declawed and neutered. I don't totally blame him. He shot out of his cat carrier like a crazed animal, tore through the house, ran this way and that, and was finally cornered on the couch by Hunter. There he let it go.
Now, don't think that I did absolutely nothing to clean up the pee. I am lazy, but not that lazy! I did try some Resolve, and a powder carpet cleaner/freshener. That helped a little. Then Drew sat on the couch and swirled up the pee smell again.
I'm putting more carpet cleaner on it right now. Now that the kids are in bed I can let it sit longer and hopefully soak in more. However, to really clean cat pee you have to get a certain kind of cleaner with an enzyme that neutralizes the pee. WalMart didn't have that and since there is literally no where else to shop here, I'll have to wait until tomorrow when I go up to the big city! The big city being Alexandria, Louisiana.
That brings me to my next point of business. Tomorrow, we're all playing hookey.
Ok, not really. The kids have dental appointments. After a frustrating trip to the local dentist last week with Louisa where they found three cavities and then after her exam told me they don't work on pediatrics, we made an appointment for the nearest pediatric dentist. 45 minutes away. I figured while we were up there we could get Drew's teeth cleaned, too. Then go out for a fabulous lunch at some yummy restaurant or another.
Again, the cat pee smell is finally going away. As long as no one sits on the couch, we should be fine.


Amber said...

Sorry about the smell, I know that can be a hard smell to get out... we had four cats growing up (along with two dogs, two bunnies, mice, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, a pigeon, and spiders not always at the same time, but sometimes at the same time!... ya I am not an animal person anymore! Hope you get the smell out!

Roe said...

I hear that, the smell of cat pee is damned near impossible to dispatch completely. It will fade a little over time, just hang in there!

Nikki said...

I recommend vinegar. I have a cat and vinegar works really well. I especially found it useful when the dog, (who had to be put down) began peeing in everyone's bed. Repeatedly. It also works great when you are potty training! I even use it in the washer with the whole cycle!