Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Show-Your-Woman-Attention Day!

I am officially renaming today. From now on, unless you're Catholic and actually observe today as Saint Valentine's feast day, it's called Show-Your-Woman-Attention Day.
To me, Valentine's Day is another day where lucky women get to show off how much their husbands spoil them, and unlucky women get to feel like crap. And I always get presents on Valentine's Day. Husband has never missed one. I've gotten jewelry, candy, flowers, homemade gifts, candles, taken out to eat, made delicious homemade dinners. I've been spoiled. So what do I have to complain about, right?
It's just that I don't need a day where my husband spoils me just because a greeting card company has gotten fat off sucker husbands and whiny wives. What I need is a gift anytime for any old reason. What I need is for husband to say, Hey, Today's June 4 and I don't know what that means, but I'm bringing wifey flowers!
Ok, ok, since he's reading over my shoulder right now (and protesting with some very loud pssht... noises) I'll give him some credit. He does a lot for me and usually for no special reason. But I can't help but think of all those women out there who got their hopes up today thinking they'd get flowers, candy, a card at least, and got nothing.
So why not put aside all this bullcrap and call today what it really is. Show-Your-Woman-Attention Day. Reason being, men need things to be obvious in order for them to understand. If we call today what it really is, there won't be as many disappointed women out there. Men will finally get it! I can see their little lightbulbs going off now. Oh, so that's what Valentine's Day was for!
And on a side note, if you were one of those disappointed women, I give you full permission to take this idea and run with it! By all means, take advantage of it. Next year, be obvious. No hint dropping. Tell him the day has been renamed and I promise you he will finally understand.
On a sider side note, I'm going to invent Sister Day where us women show our sisterhood towards eachother. Why, because we won't forget and dropped hints are totally ok.

On a way sider side side note: I love you husband, you know I'm just kidding. You did good this year. (yes, he's still reading over my shoulder)

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scrapperjen said...

Yea, hubby! Glad you had a good Valentine's Day!