Monday, February 26, 2007

When you have nothing to write about, post pictures!

As I sit here eating my Tostino's Pizza Rolls and drinking my Nestle Pure Life water with Crystal Light On the Go packet of Raspberry Ice added to it, I remember that it's been a long time since I've unloaded my camera. Oh, and I'm watching Romancing the Stone. Does anyone even remember when Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner were that young?! I remember thinking how beautiful she was and that I wanted a scratchy cat's meow voice like hers so bad. I'd try to talk with bubbles in my throat so that I could sound like her.
Anyway, back to pictures.
I have a large group of online friends. We started our kinship on Club Mom where I began chatting on the message boards over a year and a half ago. Club Mom shut down their message boards, but started a new networking forum called CafeMom. I happily lead both a Christian Moms group and a bible study group. The ladies that I have met come from all walks of life. We laugh with each other and cry with each other and all in all support each other. Many of us decided to start a secret sister type of thing. We were assigned a "secret sister" to whom we can email or mail things to. We're all having fun trying to deceive each other by sending things to other ladies who pass it on for us so that our secret sister gets mail from all over the country. So far I've emailed my SS many ecards and sent her cards and gifts in the mail. On Friday, this is what I got from my SS:A big thank you to whoever my SS is! It really made my day! I love yellow roses. They were my Granny's favorite flower and I love to be reminded of my Granny.
Back in August the kids and I went to Niagara Falls with my whole entire family. We ended up bringing a kitten home with us. Now the kitten, Scooter, is 7 months old and the time has come for the big ole snip snip! I take him in tomorrow to be neutered and declawed. It will be so nice to not have him scratching on my furniture anymore. He's grown so big! Here he is sitting next to our 6 1/2 year old cat Socks:

They have become good friends. Socks needed a companion after we said good-bye to our best friend Nikki last October. I know Scooter helped Socks feel better after losing his girl, and they both helped me feel better.

The puppy is adjusting well. He is more playful now. He has a few chew toys he enjoys playing with and the kids are teaching him the concept of "fetch". His housebreaking is going well thanks in part to my good friend Judi who is in charge of the Dogs group at CafeMom. She has been holding my hand through housebreaking Flash and also just learning about his behavior in general. I'm glad I know someone who is so knowledgeable about dogs.

Needless to say, Flash is loving the kids and they are loving him. Flash's best buddy in the house is Hunter, though. These two have just taken off and they play and laugh and run around all day. What better to keep a toddler occupied than a puppy, and what better to keep a puppy occupied than a toddler?! (By the way, yes, I do realize that's actually a picture of Louisa and not Hunter!)

Speaking of Hunter, we bought him a new cage to sleep in because he kept getting out of his crib all the time.

All right, all right, before you go calling CPS on me, the cage is really for Flash, but I can't keep Hunter out of it! He sticks his toys in it and he opens the door and just sits in it. Apparently cages are just as much fun for toddlers as they are for puppies.Well, Flash doesn't actually like his cage, but since he willingly laid down in there by himself tonight, I can tell he's understanding what it's for. The cage, by the way, is another awesome piece of advice from my friend Judi. Not that I wouldn't have thought of it on my own, but everything she said would happen did. She told me to get a cage for him to sleep in because the first few nights he was wandering around the house peeing everywhere. She told me that he wouldn't pee in the cage because dogs hate to go potty where they sleep. And so far, he holds it until morning. Also, she told me it would be a good place for him to go lay down when the kids got too hyper for him, this way he'll learn to go lay down and not nip at them. And sure enough, the kids got too hyper today and Flash went and laid down. Husband and I always said we would never have a cage dog, but so far this cage thing is awesome!

Ok, well, I guess I had lots to write about. Huh! Funny when I think nothing is going on, then I start writing. I can just babble and babble and blabble.....


Rural Writer said...

I love Romancing the Stone (and Totinos Pizza Rolls)When I was a teenager I wanted to write historical romances (still have those terrible first tries, UGH! I didnt quite grasp the concept that you had to have sex before you could accurately write baout it.)
I would sit and watch that movie and think about the grand adventure Id have when I wrote romances.

Linda said...

Ha ha, Hunter in the cage!

scrapperjen said...

Romancing the Stone - I haven't seen that in ages! good movie!

What a wonderful SS you have!

I hope you are feeling well.

The pictures are great - thanks for sharing!

Amber said...

Those roses are so pretty! I love the one of Hunter in the cage... I can see Grace doing the same thing if we had one! lol!

Sandy said...

You so need to frame that picture of Hunter in the cage for future blackmail purposes. ;) I love it. Love it!