Monday, August 28, 2006

And Baby Makes Three

Three Kitties, that is!

My cousins in Ohio always have these cats running around. Usually there is a litter of kittens when we go visit. This time around we actually fell in love with a little runt that I named Faith. On Thursday we carried her around, fed her baby formula, and just took care of her. We had to leave for Niagara Falls on Friday, but I told the kids if we could find her on Saturday when we got back we'd take her home. We did not find her again. My guess is she didn't make it. She wasn't in too good of shape when we first saw her. She couldn't see and didn't walk very well. I only found her because her grandma was pulling a Rin Tin Tin on me and meowing at me and running to a car, then meowing again and running back to me. She did this several times before I got up to go look at the car. That's when I saw Faith hiding under the car, and realized what the grandma cat was trying to tell me.
Here is Drew holding Faith:

Faith had three siblings whom Drew named Tink, Belle, and Peter Pan. Belle was very sociable and followed us everwhere we went. I told the kids that if we didn't find Faith again there was a possiblility we'd take Belle home.
When we get back from Niagara, they didn't forget about little Faith. They searched long and hard for her. I told the kids that maybe Faith's Grandma Scooter didn't want us to take her home so she hid her little granddaughter. Could be!

Without further ado.... Here's Belle:

Our guess is that she's about 6 weeks to 2 months old. My cousins didn't know for sure when the kittens were born as the mother keeps them hidden for the first few weeks. But she's eating regular cat food and she's very playful.

Oh, but don't tell my husband yet. He is NOT going to happy about this. I'm a little worried. One of those, What did I do? kind of things! How could you not love this adorable little face, though!

My two older cats, Niki and Socks (the black cat in the picture above) are very courious about her, but they don't seem to mind her at all. I was a little worried. It all seems ok, though. We're taking her to the vet tomorrow to get a million tests run. I guess it's not that easy just to take an outdoor cat with no knowledge of it's history and bring it into a home with other cats. My vet was less than pleased and we have to keep her separated for now until he runs all of his tests to make sure she's healthy. Besides sleeping most of the time, she seems very healthy!


Amber said...

What a cute little kitty!

Jen said...

Cute, cute cute - the kiddos and the kitties!