Friday, August 11, 2006

I'm Sending A Package to Hubby~

Ok, I'm mailing my husband a package today. He always says he doesn't want anything except for tobacco. But I mail him as much as I can fit into one of those flat rate boxes. So this is the list of what I'm mailing, in case you ever need to mail stuff to a deployed soldier:

~20 cans of smokeless tobacco (ok, before you go rolling your eyes at me, I'd rather have him chew tobacco and ruin his own health than smoke cigarettes and ruin my and the kids' health. And anyway, YOU try to tell a deployed soldier he can't smoke or chew!)
~one Two pound bag of licorice
~6 boxes of Crystal Light On the Go (the single packs)
~Two paperback books
~letters from everyone that was at the birthday party (I gave everyone paper and told them to write him a note)
~pictures the kids drew
~an "I Miss You" card I bought him
~letter from me that is about 6 pages long!
~about 30 pictures of the kids I printed up
~several small bags of cookies (Oreos, Chips Ahoy...)
~two scratch lotto tickets (this is the first time I have sent him them, but he could win a Harley! well, he already has one, but it's still fun!)
~and lastly, I printed up the post I wrote about the state fair. He called us while we were there, so I thought I'd share the whole story with him. He won't be very happy about the Build a Bear part, though! So yes, he will get to see the picture of the cream puff after all!

If anyone ever wants a really complete list of what to send deployed soldiers, I have one that my friend on Club Mom, whose hubby is deployed, made up once.
Some soldiers like a lot of stuff, but my husband kind of lives like a nomad and moves around a lot. Whatever I send him he has to carry around with him. So he prefers if I don't send him too much. I usually send about 10 cans of chew a week (yes, go ahead, roll your eyes again!), but I'm a little behind right now. They do have tobacco over there, but it is actually more expensive. I always send pictures in the package, too. And something handwritten. No matter what it is, a little note, a card I bought, but just something with my handwriting on it. There's nothing like the power of an "I love you" written just for you by the ones you love the most!

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