Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Our Day at the Wisconsin State Fair: Rides, Food, Animals, and..... Build A Bear?

A great Wisconsin tradition that dates back to... many many years ago, The Wisconsin State Fair! I remember walking through those gates as a child into the land of rides, food, animals.... It was like walking into a whole different world. The sights, the sounds, the smells! I can still remember it like it was yesterday! Oh, it WAS yesterday! hehe!!!
Okay, so ya, the kids and I went to the fair. My mom gave me all of these magical free tickets that my dad got from his work including free admission tickets! WaHoo!! We're off to a good start already!
So, Grandma and Grandpa watched Hunter so we could have a stroller-less day! And was it ever nice! I felt bad for all those poor saps wheeling their strollers through cow poop all day long.
Now everytime I say something like, This is a Wisconsin State Fair tradition, you may say... Ya, we do that at ours, too. But hey, I don't know that, do I? So to me it's a, Wisconsin State Fair tradition!

One tradition that is a must for us at any fair is the rides. Of course! However unlike park admission, I had no free tickets. I had to pay for them and because of that, I had a limit. So they got to do two rides, a small roller coaster and then we all went on the ferris wheel.
There is also this giant humogous slide that you just HAVE to ride on, so we went down that, too.

Another "must do", is face painting. Ok, you are probably sayind, How many "must do's" do you really waste your money on? Alright, I'll admit, I don't give in to everything. I mean, there are some things I put my foot down and say no to. Not many, but some! Like all the cheesy, set up games that the carnival has. I don't like those. There isn't a carnie alive that can sweet talk me into his little dart throwing at the balloon game! No siree... I'm way better than that!

But face painting, I just can't help myself. It's so cute and the kids are so proud of themselves. Until about an hour and a half later when Louisa is picking hers off and I'm yelling at her cause she just threw $5 down the toilet! Up until then, though, it was really cute!

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snowflake said...

I loved the pictures - sure looked like all the kids had such a great time at the start fair. Kaylee thought that Louisa's face painting looked really pretty! I loved the picture of Hunter at the end, poor think just wore himself out!! Glad to see you guys had such a great time! Love, Snowflake