Monday, August 07, 2006

Mommy, what happens if....

Being as sick as I have been lately has apparently made the kids start to worry about me. Drew broke my heart today when he asked me, Mommy, what happens if you get in the hospital? I told him I won't, but he said, What IF?
Well, Grandma and Grandpa would take care of you for a little while, I guess. I said.
He wanted to know if I got sick could Daddy come home. I let out a big sigh..... I'd have to be really really sick for Daddy to come home. Do you want me to be really really sick?
Well no, he guessed not.
Louisa told my mom the other day that she was worried I'd have to go to the hospital and she'd get taken away from me and her brothers. Of course my mom reassured her that wouldn't happen.
What have I done? I've made myself so sick that my kids are worrying about me. I don't know exactly how to get better, but for now, I'll follow doctors orders and mostly just pray a lot. I need to get better. I'm tired of being in pain, I'm tired of not being able to eat or sleep, I'm tired of being tired.... I'm just... tired.


Lori Anne said...

All right! That's it! You are coming to stay with me until you get better. You hit the nail on the head when you said you're tired. You need some sun, air, and rest. I got it all. Pack up NOW! Love, Lori

snowflake said...

Praying for you to get better soon! What great kids you have..... Love, Snowflake

Anna said...

I know exactly why this has happened, your working yourself too hard and worrying yourself to the bone. I know, I can talk, coz I do it too. Get as much babysitting as you can beg, borrow and steal and sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep. Okay? I'm really worried about you.

Why are you reading this? Go and get into bed!

Sandy said...

:( Praying for you and the kids. Get well soon. I'm sending along some 'cyber' veggie soup. Let's pretend it helps a little. Or at least it makes you smile. Now, go rest. Now. I. Mean. It.

Amber said...

Peggie you didn't do anything, getting sick is part of being human, it is ok, you will be ok, the kids will be ok... just try and rest, relax... and you make sure to tell me if I can do anything, I know I am far from you, but if anything comes up that you need, let me know... heck even if you need to bake cookies for the kids school, I will do it and send them to you so you don't have to... I mean it anything! You are in my prayers!