Friday, August 18, 2006

Louisa, Don't Get Married!!!

We were driving in the car today and talking about tattoos. Yep, tattoos! That may seem weird in your family, but with my husband having three and me planning my next one as we speak, it's not so weird.
Louisa was excitedly telling me all about what her tattoo is going to look like. She had quite the disappointed little face when I told her she has to be 18 to get one. But that's ok, I told her, maybe by then they will have found a way to get glitter to actually stick in a tattoo!
Anyway, Louisa was wondering about the pain, and did a tattoo really hurt as much as they made it seem on television. I thought HUH??? They always make it look easy on TV. Even on those reality tattoo shop shows, like Inked, they make it look painless. So I told her in all honesty, yes, it hurts like hell! However, I said, it hurts less than having a baby. Well, okay, she thought she could deal with that.
Then, from the backseat, Drew chimes in with a very serious tone, "Louisa don't ever get married."
"Why?" we asked.
"Because you're my sister and I love you! I don't ever want you to get hurt and babies just hurt you. If you get married, then you have to have a baby and get hurt!" he replied.
Sounded like good reasoning to me! Louisa, on the other hand, laughed her little hind end off!
So now we know, getting a tattoo hurts less than having a baby, and if we never get married, we can just avoid that whole baby hurting us thing and live happily ever after with our tattoos.


Lori Anne said...

Little do they know that the pain of child birth is nothing compared to the pain of being a parent. What a sweet, sweet brother. I know my kids still love each other like that, they just aren't(in their minds)allowed to show it. I hope our children hold on to each other forever. After all, after we're gone, their siblings are all they have left. Thanks for the reminder.

kateandjona said...

After 33 1/2 hours of hard labor with Jona (and hubby on the road and his pager not working the whole time!) ummm... yeah, I'd rather have a tattoo too!

Well, ok, maybe I wouldn't rather HAVE a tattoo (I AM kind of attached to Jona!) but I'd rather GET a tattoo than HAVE a baby!

Amber said...

Actually I am going to have to go with having a baby over having a tattoo, but hey my longest labor has been 6 hours, so I am a bit spoiled! What a sweet brother!

Sandy said...

LOL! AND tattoos never talk back. ;)

I have no tattoos. I did have one very long labor and one back-labor with massive agony that did not last long. I think getting a tattoo would be more tolerable they give you an epidural during that? tee hee