Saturday, August 05, 2006

My Two Little Swimmers

I took Hunter and Drew to a little wading pool today. At it's deepest it comes up to the middle of my thigh. I just wore a t-shirt and shorts. No sense breaking out the razor for a little wading pool! (And anyway, I have the worst farmer's tan and a swim suit is just not a good idea right now!)
Here's some pics of my two little swimmers.
Hunter found it most amusing to walk all the way around the edge of the pool.
He sat down in the most shallow part, but wasn't too sure. It said the shallow end was seven inches. Ya, I know, we were living dangerously today!
There are two little whale slides that Drew likes to play on. So here he is, and here I am trying to get artsy fartsy with my photography. It was eveing and the sun was coming through the trees and hitting the water just right. I kept making him go back up on the slide over and over so I could get just the right shot. That perfect shot came and I was so excited.... until I saw there was a little girl standing right next to Drew. Oh.. Man!!!! I hate when that happens! So this is the best I got of just Drew. (Yes, he's really that skinny! But he eats me out of house and home. I don't get it either!)
For some reason, these pics are much darker after I loaded them onto here. They looked good after I photoshopped them. Oh well! Trust me, they look good! Just in case you're going, what's so great?! They look over exposed to me!
I tried to get Hunter to go down the slides, but apparently getting constantly sprayed in the face by the whale's spout wasn't appealing to him. He's a weird one!
Drew discovered that his shorts fill up and get all puffy! A classic passtime for any young boy, watch them poof, squish them down, watch them poof, squish them down...

So, after awhile my little swimmers started wondering when I was going to stop taking pictures and making them pose over and over again! I said, Ok, let's go get ice cream! And THAT is the magic word!

Like a shot, we were out of the pool and on our way to the best frozen custard joint in the world, Culver's! Oh, and while we were there anyway, a delicious Butter Burger to go with it!


Lori Anne said...

Fantastic pictures. Can you teach me to do that? Where was Louisa?

Chaos Mommy said...

Louisa is with Nana for the weekend. I had to take Drew swimming so he wouldn't miss her so much!
And no, I can't teach you... It comes naturally! LOL!!! Just kidding!