Friday, February 09, 2007

My Newest Endeavor

In the army we have a spouses group called the Family Readiness Group (FRG). The purpose of the FRG is to give support to spouses and families for anything they need. If a spouse has trouble with something, they are supposed to contact their FRG Point Of Contact (POC) first. Good ole' military, lots of acronyms!
My newest venture is that I volunteered to be the FRG POC for our platoon. I won't really have to do much for awhile. The other wives won't really start calling me with problems until they get to know me better. But once the guys get deployed again, I'll be busy. For now, I receive information from the FRG leader of the whole company, and I pass it on to my platoon's wives. Not too exciting yet.
However, once the guys get deployed again I'll have to thwart rumors that inevitably fly when a bunch of women don't have all the correct info and they panic. I'll have to make sure everyone is informed of what the guys are doing and where they are. And in the unfortunate circumstance of a soldier being hurt or killed, I'll have to contact my platoon's wives right away so that no one panics due to not knowing who the casualty was. I'd like to say I'll never have to do that, but since we lost a soldier during the last deployment, I have to be prepared.
Apparently this platoon is full of lots of drama and gossip.

Well, let's hope things aren't as bad as I've heard. After all, if I'm so worried about the wives gossiping, then I shouldn't believe the gossip I hear!

I guess in my small little way, I'm doing my patriotic duty. A really, really small way. And why do I have the feeling I'll regret this someday?!


~jen~ said...

Good luck, sweetie:) Yeah, it may be a bit of a strain, yet at the same time at least you'll always know what is REALLY going on, and you don't have to hear just the rumors until someone straightens it out! And it's a job not everyone wants to deal with- so you really are helping out- good for you!!

scrapperjen said...

You have such a big heart - you'll be great at this! I hope the rumors are rumors and things go smoothly.