Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Hunter and I did our usual grocery shopping routine today. I put something in the cart, he takes something out of the cart. I try to be the fun mommy and let him help me shop. He throws cans of soup on my feet. Every shopping trip it's the same. Every shopping trip he throws things at me, and I smile and pick it up and pretend I'm having fun.
Today, as usual, he wouldn't sit. He's old enough now that he's figured out the totally un-childproof seat belts on the shopping cart. In a flash he has it undone and he's standing up in the cart. Then I have half a dozen people with too much time on their hands tell me that he's not supposed to stand in the cart. Gee. Thanks. Because I have no idea what will happen if he falls on his head.
When we got to the check-out, and I was placing my dented cans and smashed bread on the conveyor belt, realizing the many many things I had forgotten to get and dreading the idea of having to do this again in a few days, Hunter decided to undo his seat belt and stand up. Then sit down. Then stand up. The grab a few things off the conveyor belt and throw them. Then take the poster board I was buying for Louisa and throw them. Then scream until I let him pick out some M&M's. Then scream because he wanted the lady to scan the M&M's. Then scream because I wouldn't let him sit on the loaf of bread.
While I was paying, and wondering what the heck I bought that just added up to almost $200 when my husband only gave me $100 to shop with, the cashier said, "Is he ADD?"
Someone hold me back because I'm about to jump over this counter right now and show her what ADD is! First, what business is it of hers? If he *was* ADD, then there's nothing I can do about it. And usually two-years-old is way too young to diagnose it. Second, it's not even called ADD anymore! Pick up a book once in awhile. Watch the news. Pull yourself away from "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader" long enough to learn something really intelligent.
I gave her my don't-ever-mess-with-my-kids-mama-lion look, and said "NO!"


Anonymous said...

Peggie, I'm so sorry. I hate when people look at me strange with my two sometimes.

scrapperjen said...

I'm sorry she was so inconsiderate. Ummm, he's 2!

Amber said...

Ok it is called he is two? Umm heard of terrible two's lately?

Nikki said...

I think she would have gotten more from me than the look and a NO. I am so sorry she was an uneducated ninny.