Sunday, October 07, 2007

It's Clean!

Let's see, how long ago did I post about this? I issued my challenge on August 24. I showed a picture on August 26. And now, finally, on October 6 (yesterday) my dining room is clean!There are a few boxes still stacked in one corner, but otherwise, it's spotless! We even shampooed the carpet.
Last night we had some guests over and we had to get the house clean. I wanted to have a little get-together for my two friends who just had babies. A "Welcome Baby" party of sorts.
I was a little sad that I was the only mommy without a tiny one to snuggle. I tried to snuggle Hunter, but he was too squirmy! I am happy to see my friends so excited with their babies. It was nice to get together so they could show their new baby boys off. (and I got my dining room clean!)


Anonymous said...

WTG, Peggie. That dining room looks terrific, now see how long you can keep it that way.

Today was the first day in 2 weeks I've left dishes sit in my sink and it's bugging me, never used to but they'll still be there tomorrow morning when I get up so I'll do them then.

Ooops, sorry I went off again. Don't you hate how 2 yos won't snuggle with you? When's the next one coming?

Scrapping My 2 Precious Gems said...

Awesome job with your dining room! My garage is partially done. I have to wait till my FIL moves into his place so he can take his boxes out of there.