Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Weekend Round-up

This past weekend we participated in some sort of Halloween event or another every day. Friday night, while Husband and Drew headed off to a Cub Scout fishing and campfire thingy, Louisa, Hunter and I walked a few blocks to a "Pumpkin Patch/Haunted House" thingy. When we got there, the line was very long, and we weren't quite sure what was at the end of it. I took a spot and Louisa walked up to the beginning to see just what it was we were in line for. The line split into two, one for the Haunted House and the other for the Hayride to the "Pumpkin Patch". One of the smaller army units stationed here was putting on the Haunted House. It must have been good because we heard a lot of screams coming from it. I'm sure the soldiers were having a blast scaring the kids (and moms and dads for that matter). I told Louisa I'd give her $100 if she went in to the Haunted House. She said no, and she didn't believe me. Guess she'll never know!
We did go on the Hayride after waiting in line for an hour. When we finally got to the Hayride, Hunter, who had no idea what we were waiting for that whole time, was more than ecstatic. You'd think he just won the trick-or-treat jackpot the way he was laughing and smiling! The Hayride dropped us off in a "pumpkin patch" and the kids got to each pick one "pumpkin" (plastic pumpkin filled with candy). So I guess it was the trick-or-treat jackpot!
This is Hunter and Louisa on our way home. There was a big bright moon, and I was actually trying to get the moon in the background, but in the picture it's just a little dot.
Saturday we were supposed to go to a Pumpkin Farm with our playgroup friends, but things just didn't work out that way. We did get to go to a pumpkin farm complete with corn maze when we were home in Wisconsin, so we didn't miss out on the fun experience. We did, however, end up looking all over our little area for Halloween costumes. We had a costume party on Sunday to go to, and Louisa, Drew, Husband, and I all still needed costumes. We found Drew's right away. For the past month now he has changed his mind about what he wanted to be daily. We saw a knight costume and that was it! He was totally psyched about it. Louisa is a much harder sell. She gets one thing in her mind and isn't happy till we find it. Thank God we finally found it after checking both local WalMart's twice. She found an Elizabeth Swan (pirate version from Pirates of the Caribbean 3 movie) and the search was over. Finally. (did I mention we went to both WalMart's twice?) The search produced nothing for Husband and I, though. We were exhausted and hungry and decided to go home, after we bought some pumpkins to carve. Gotta love WalMart and their $2.88 pumpkins!
When we got home we carved them. Well, Daddy carved them. We all kinda played in the goo. Hunter loved the goo, Drew wasn't as excited about it. Hunter was really excited with the Scooby-Doo jack-o-lantern that Daddy carved for him. Drew picked out a skull (ya, kinda scary for a little guy, but he's tough!), and Louisa picked out a cat that's supposed to be sitting on a moon, but I didn't get the moon done. And by "picked out" I mean picked out a template from a book we had.
Yesterday, Sunday, was the big costume party. Our playgroup was celebrating it's one year anniversary, so the organizer thought it would be fun to make it a Halloween costume party. We donated some stuff for prizes, and in the morning Louisa and I went to help set up. She got to make napkin ghosts, and at the party she was in charge of a toss-the-bat-beanbag game. She really likes when she gets to help out so much like that.
While we were setting up in the morning, Husband called me with a great costume idea. He was in Drew's room and saw Drew's Cat In The Hat stuffed animal, when the idea of being Thing 1 and Thing 2 came to his head. I went and bought two red t-shirts and some blue hair spray stuff. We sprayed the blue stuff on me, but it didn't look very good so we settled on blue hats. I was very happy with our costumes. Quick, easy, inexpensive.
The party was a big hit. Everyone had an awesome time. And they should! The organizer has been planning it for months now!
We don't have any more Halloween fun until Wednesday when we get to go trick-or-treating. But I do have some Halloween-type stuff planned for Drew's school time tomorrow.

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