Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Many more treats than tricks

I wonder just how many people actually play tricks anymore. I remember when I was young there were those few teens who always egged and toilet papered houses, but that was small town stuff. There weren't many options for those too old to dress up and get candy. Now we have youth centers and churches and schools offering alternative activities to trick-or-treating. Tonight as we went around the neighborhood, I didn't see many teens or older kids except for the few that were handing out candy. So either they found something else to do, or I'm premature in my thinking and my pumpkins will be smashed all over the road when I wake up in the morning!
Anyway, the kids had a blast tonight. Trick-or-treat times were from 5:00-9:00 tonight, but we didn't see anyone out until 6:00. We got dressed and headed out as soon as we saw some other kids outside. We went around our block and one other block before Daddy and Hunter headed back home to take a rest and hand out candy. Today was a really long day for Daddy at work, and Hunter had already been out playing and walking this morning so his little legs were done for the night. He did do an awesome job saying both "Trick or treat", and "thank you". I was very proud of him!
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Louisa, Drew, and I hit a few more blocks before we retired. We must have headed in the wrong direction, though, because we didn't run into very many trick-or-treaters and many of the houselights were off. They both got a very big haul, regardless. One thing I noticed, though... there wasn't very much chocolate this year. At least not at the houses we went to. And of course, that is always something I notice.
We came back home and tried to fool Daddy with a game of ding-dong-ditch, but he figured us out right away!

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scrapperjen said...

Ok, first~are those YOUR kids? When did they get so grown up?
Second~I love their costumes.