Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hooray, I Have Visitors!

Well, in a few days I'll celebrate my 30th year... ahem, I mean, my second 29th year. And instead of sitting around by myself, crying that my husband isn't here to see me into that milestone, I'll have my parents here.... next best thing.
A few weeks ago I got a call from my mom:

Mom: So, you don't want us to come down?

Me: Huh???

Mom: Your dad sent you an email last night with our itinerary and you haven't responded yet!

Me: Um.... mmmm.... well.... um......

Mom: Did you even look at it yet?

Me: Uhh... no. I don't think so. My inbox fills up kinda fast sometimes.

Mom: Well, we're coming for your birthday. We already booked the flight and we'll stay in that same hotel we did last time.

Me: Um... okay.

Now they are here. A little worse for wear, but here. The small commuter plane they took from Memphis to Alexandria, Louisiana was tossed around the thunder storm stricken sky like a styrofoam plane on a windy day. I can only imagine them jumping off the plane and kissing the sweet ground! (figureatively speaking of course!)
That was the first of their troubles. They try to call me once they land, only to get a "We're sorry, this number is unavailable" message. Trying numerous times to no avail, and even asking my sister to try with no luck, they got a bit worried. I don't have a landline, so my cell phone is the only way to get ahold of me.
Trucking their luggage to the car rental place to pick up the mini-van they reserved, they find there is no mini-van. The third major issue. As they hop in the Dodge sedan alternative, still not able to get ahold of me, they felt a bit worried and frustrated. Not to mention the green face my dad still had from the turbulent flight.
As for my cell phone, the storm my parents flew through also hit us, knocking out all cable and cell service.
When we finally hooked up at my parent's hotel and the kids talked their ears off for awhile, we decided to go eat at one of my favorite restaurants. It's one of those steak houses where you throw the peanut shells on the floor. However, a big sign on the door said, "Closed until further notice". Hmpf! Now what? Not much to choose from here.
My dad suggested the catfish place we've talked about before. So, off to Catfish Junction where Drew can get some more fried alligator.
Fried alligator, frog legs, oysters, they tried it all. Notice I say "they". Ya, I'm not the adventerous type when it comes to things that live most of their life in water. Now, I've tried ostrich and buffalo and some other various land-dwellers. And I do love seafood. But I'm not too sure about slimey, scaley things that live in the Louisiana swamp lands.
We all jet back to our respective "homes" for the season premier of Lost, and I'm sure much more fun is ahead.


navywife6 said...

LOL all I can say is that would be HOW it would happen leading up to that 2nd 29th birthday you are celebrating. At least LOST was EXCELLENT.

Glad they are in safe.

scrapperjen said...

Enjoy your company - I'm glad they're there to celebrate your day with you.

snowflake said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday to you...... Hope you had a great time with your family!