Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Mama's Can't Get Sick

I don't know if I'm all teary because I'm sick, and sick of being sick, or if I'm so proud of my kids that I'm weepy at the thought of how incredible they are.
As previously mentioned, we began this long baton pass of the flu in the car late Thursday night when Hunter decided to decorate my backseat.
Saturday night, Drew came to sleep with me in bed at about 1:00 am, and sure enough, brought me a confetti colored present. (And boy, do I need to teach that kid how to chew!)
Monday, Louisa got the baton! And guess what? She came to my room first! However, she's the only one who loves me because she chose to wait until she got to the bathroom.
Louisa finally started back at school today (yes, they got a whopping 18 days off!), and luckily she was better this morning so she could go.
However, the baton was apparently mine. fun.
I spent an unbelievable amount of time sleeping today, and Drew spent the whole time playing with Hunter for me. When I thanked him, he said he didn't do anything special, he just watched movies with Hunter all day. I don't care if they spent the day wiping boogers on the walls, as long as they let me lay down like they did, they are my wonderful sweet little boys!
Louisa was awesome enough to reheat last night's pizza for the boys when she got home from school.
See, I'm all weepy again. I love my kids.
But I'm still sick. Bedtime.... again.


navywife6 said...

Peggie darlin' isn't great how they CAN do it...I mean sometimes us moms forget that we did raise them so GREAT.

Get Well my friend

Anonymous said...

Peggie, I'm glad that you are feeling better. I'm sorry that you were sick and being sick while hubby is gone makes it even worst, I am sure. What great kids to help you out like that.