Saturday, January 19, 2008

Just catching up with a few pictures

I keep promising pictures, and then not delivering, so finally I have sat down and photo-shopped my pics and they are ready for posting!

Some Santa's Angels pictures:

{Hunter can't wait to find presents with his name on them!}

{Is this board totally wicked, or what?!!}


The Christmas present from Husband:

{It didn't photo too well, but here it is! And only a little border of "black velvet", so nothing even close to a neon Elvis picture!}

{I hung it on my wall underneath the last family photo that was taken of us, and this is what color the picture actually is.}

And finally, Louisa was in an "all-school" Social Studies fair last month. She chose Bigfoot for her topic. She had to write a report including using categorized notecards, write a 5 minute speech, make a display board, and also be able to answer any questions the judges might have. She won 1st place at the school level in her category, anthropology. That meant she would progress to the "Parish level" which included grades 4 thru 6. Thursday was the competition and although Louisa did not place or advance, she had a very fun time. Drew, Hunter and I had a great time looking at all the amazing displays. Wow do these kids work hard!

{Louisa showing off her display. I made her a shirt that says, "I'm with Bigfoot"}

{Display close-up. It also included a cast of a footprint that I made, and Bigfoot "fur" in different colors.}


navywife6 said...

Oh Peggie the pictures are so great, the kids look so happy, and your poem....I LOVE it. Thanks for posting the pictures.

scrapperjen said...

Great photos - thanks! Love to see those kiddos - I can't believe how big they're getting!