Tuesday, January 29, 2008


The kids and I went walking with our friends for our "Walk to Iraq" goal. And don't ask me how I'm doing. Someone's tiny hands got ahold of the pedometers and zeroed them out. Louisa remembers what she had, but I have no clue. I was trying not to look at it on purpose so I wouldn't obsess about it. That'll teach me to A) not put them low enough where little hands can get them, and B) keep an eye on how I'm doing in case it happens again.

Here's a picture my friend took of the kids and I. If you notice, I'm wearing my new shirt sent all the way from Iraq for my birthday. I was supposed to wait until my actual birthday, but who can wait an entire week when there's a package from their husband sitting there?

The boys and I are in a music class called Kindermusik. I started with my playgroup friends last year when it was just Hunter and I home in the day. We had a lot of fun, but when Drew started to stay home, he didn't really like coming with us and being in a class with all "babies". So when it was time to start the new semester of classes, I signed us up for a sibling class. He's still the oldest, but at least there's other siblings in this class. Yesterday we went on a "picnic" in Kindermusik.

Yesterday, the kids and I hung up our projects we made over the weekend. We hung up the Mardi Gras masks that the kids designed, and also we hung up our Winter Wall.You may notice that besides our "Winter Words" and our "Winter Holidays", there's also Drew's poem. The snowflakes, snowmen, hats and mittens were made by the kids. Although Louisa focused most of her time on making masks.

Just some more cleaning to do, and we will be all ready for my parents to come on Thursday. They are very nice to come down and spend my birthday with me. Eventhough I refuse to turn 30 until Husband gets home.


navywife6 said...

OMGosh wished we lived closer so I could make masks too...they rock. I personally am partial to snowflakes though. And the bday gift, yeah I would've looked too LOL

scrapperjen said...

Great picture of the 4 of you! Love your projects - looks like lots of fun.