Saturday, August 02, 2008

Anticipation is Killing Me!!

AAAHHH!!!! I'm going out of my mind! The last time I talked to my husband was on the 30th. He told me he'd be heading out to another base, and after that it was homeward bound. Haven't heard from him since, and I have no clue when he'll be home! I'm excited, nervous, scared, overjoyed, thankful...... Freaking Out!
What if I don't have the house clean on time? Yes, I know the house isn't the biggest thing on his mind, but in my opinion it's just respectful for all his hard work to let him come home to a clean house. Not the tornado ridden disaster it became while he was gone. I did NOT clean the last time he came home from deployment and I felt horrible for it.
I need to go buy his favorite foods, and some beer! Cause Lord does that man deserve a beer! :) I need to do a million and one things before he gets here. I need to know what DAY he's actually getting here!
We worked our tails off today preparing for his arrival. Cleaning, straightening, organizing, purging, donating. Whew! Makes me tired just thinking of it! I still need to clean the carpets and the oven and the bathrooms and.... Oh gosh! A million things!
It's been eight long long months. Eight months of missing him, and he will be here so soon I can actually feel it! His hugs are actually real to me right now! Not some imaginary thing of the past that I day dream about from time to time.
Unfortunately, he'll still have to go back for about 6-7 more months, but at least we get this little taste. It's enough to keep us going for the rest of the time!
But I need to know what DAY this joyous occasion will happen! I'm dying here!!!

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~jen said...

I'm soooooo excited for you!!! I'm sure you're going out of your mind!! He'll be here before you know it~ Enjoy your time with him;)