Tuesday, August 05, 2008


It's okay, I can be on the computer, he went to the gym! Being home doesn't stop him from his strict workout routine! :)

So, yesterday. A wonderful, blessed day in which we welcomed Andrew home with big wide open arms!

At 1:00 am Sunday I got a call from him saying he'd be at the airport at 4:00 pm Monday. But when he hung up he said "See you tomorrow", and since it was like 10:00 Sunday morning for him, he would see us "tomorrow". But to me it was still Saturday night, so "tomorrow" was Sunday. Needless to say, I completely freaked out for a minute on Sunday thinking he was coming in and I wouldn't be there. I called our family group leader to see if it was indeed possible for him to leave Kuwait at 1:00 am and be here by 4:00 pm. Technically, he could do it. But chances were, it would be cutting it far too close, with really short layover times. So I calmed down. For some reason the "see you tomorrow" stuck in my head and not the "Monday at 4:00"! LOL! But in my defense, he did wake me out of a dead-sleep. How am I supposed to remember important details like that?!

Monday morning, I had all sorts of last minute cleaning and errand running planned. We got up bright and early, started cleaning the last things that needed to be done (which really added up to a lot), and the phone rings. He says in a very sad voice "I'm in Atlanta and didn't get a seat on the 3:00 flight."

"Um.... ok. So we see you late tonight, or tomorrow?"

"No, I got a flight on the 11:00 plane, I'll be there at noon!"

AAAHHHH!!! No! That's too soon, I have too much to do!

It was 9:30 and I hadn't taken a shower, I had errands to run, I had some more cleaning to do! The airport is an hour away so we had to leave by 10:45. I finish up some stuff, hop in the shower and..... power goes out. Well those last few things I was doing included laundry and washing dishes. I end up taking a freezing cold shower (and of course I have to shave, right?!) in the dark with the one candle I can find. I'm a candle freak by nature, so no clue how I've let myself get down to just one! By the time I get done, dressed, kids loaded in the car, run back in for the camera, run back in for diaper bag, run back in for meds (have some I can't leave the house without), it's 10:55. Crap, crap, crap!!!

We're driving along, listening to Carrie Underwood to help calm my nerves, trying to laugh and make fun with the kids when inside I'm

I call my dad because, well, I need extra help calming my nerves and he's good for that! Someone beeps in on my phone so I say good-bye and click over.

Andrew says "I'm here, how far away are you?"

NNOOOO!!!!!! Shoot, shoot, shoot!!! We didn't get to see him get off the plane! I told him we were about 10 minutes out yet. So I step on it and scream at every car that gets in my way! Louisa's laughing at me, telling me to calm down. I said "Calm down?!! My soldier just traveled for 4 days and 7000 miles and we didn't get there in time! How can I calm down?!"

Really, he didn't mind that weren't there. He said it gave him a minute to calm himself from his very frustrating trip.

He met us in the parking lot, and Drew and Louisa ran up to him with big hugs. Hunter kinda looked at him for a second. We've been building this up SO much, and Daddy has been this really cool enigma for SO long, that he wasn't quite sure what to do with the real thing. He tentatively gave Daddy a hug, then stuck his finger in his mouth and stood at a distance. I'm sure it was overwhelming to him. There's this guy who you talk to on the phone, look at pictures of, and have a really vague memory of, and all of a sudden he's here. Where did he come from? How did he get here? He was in some place called 'Raq, but what does that mean?

Eventually he let Daddy pick him up. It was a hesitant moment. We were all waiting for Hunter to react. To do something, and finally he smiled. That was it. He hasn't let Daddy leave his sight since. (Except for now when Daddy went to the gym, but believe me, Hunter didn't let him go easily!)

Finally, after all that, I get my turn. Louisa took a picture of our first awkward kiss. We were giggling more than kissing.

So now he's home. 18 blissful days, and then he goes back again. We're so grateful for this time with him and plan on making it stress-free and relaxing!


Anonymous said...

I found your blog from another blog that I read...I have to say that you are a very animated writer. I love it!! You had me laughing and in tears. I think I will come back for more!!

Roe said...

I'm so glad he's home! It's so sweet that Hunter won't let him out of his sight now; the kids have to be beyond thrilled.