Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hurricane-ville Part 3

You know, I need to learn to stop listening to people. Just go find out for myself. The Chaos Kids and I trekked our behinds to WalMart today. Our local WalMart. The one that was supposedly out of *everything*. Well, everything was just fine. They had plenty of water. The things they were totally out of, as in... nothing on the shelves (because I have no idea what's in the back) were D and C cell batteries, flashlights, most loaves of bread, and Pop Tarts. Yes, seriously. The entire Pop Tart section was empty save for the brown sugar flavor. Good thing I wasn't there to buy those!

The kids and I got a few things ready today, but really it's just the wait-n-see game from here on out. We got all the outdoor stuff either inside, into the beds of the trucks, or tied down to something. I took all the pictures off the walls just cause... I don't know. I've never done this! Just know that in Wisconsin we get these horrific storms where big wind surges can flatten an entire town. So my pictures will be safe! I put all my important documents in a waterproof bag and have them, along with a bag of emergency clothes, all ready to go in case we need to hit the shelter.

If you want to follow the hurricane with me, here's the RADAR and in Louisiana, we're the small brown spot to the left of Alexandria. At least, that's our army base. And here's the Satellite, which looks much more wicked!

I have nothing left to do to prepare. I feel like I should be doing something, though. Batten down the hatches and all that! Everything's taken care of. Besides maybe taping the windows, I'm all set. We've been on alert since last Tuesday! All this build up and it's still not here yet. I think I prefer tornadoes. Unpredictable, but fast! It would have been here and gone ages ago.

I know my mom and dad and sister and nephew are worried about us. I promise you guys we're fine!


scrapperjen said...

HUGS and hope you have weathered the storm ok.
Hope all is going well with the kiddos and your hubby!
Miss ya!

Anonymous said...

post pictures of it or somthing