Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hurricane-ville Part 2

The local WalMart is out of almost everything that is on my supply list. As is another WalMart about 20 minutes away, the PX and the on post commissary. I still had no supplies as of this morning. Feeling a bit overwhelmed, I decided to make the hour trip to the Big City and see what they still had left. They are directly west of us, so if we got hit, they would get hit almost as hard. I'm guessing, anyway.

First we had to go to the post office to mail a Daddy Box overseas. The line. Was. Long. Very. Long. And there was only one person open.

Finally we get our friend Andrea and her baby Colton, and hit the road to the Big City. I got it in my head to go to Sam's Club, eventhough I don't have a membership there anymore. The $40 fee was worth my sanity! Sam's had the usual Saturday crowd, but not mobs upon mobs of people fighting for one case of water. They were low on a few items, but nothing significant. One lady even asked me why I was buying so much water. She was giggling at us for being so worried! She said "Are you stocking up for a whole week or something?" Well... ya. That was kinda the point!

Then we went to lunch at yummy IHOP. One last treat before a week of blah! And also hit Michael's so Andrea could get scrapbooking stuff and I could get some crafts for the kids to do in case we have a few days with no power. I decided to stop at WalMart there in the Big City on the way out of town to pick up a few last minute things. They were fairly low on water, the paper plate aisle was empty, and bread was almost gone. Candles were picked over, too. A few stinky ones were left and I was about to give up when Andrea said "Do you like black cherry?" Yes!! Thank goodness because I had no candles and only one flashlight. The funny thing about both Sam's and WalMart in the Big City was that people were shopping like it's a normal Labor Day weekend. They had hamburger meat, buns, chicken, paper plates, the usual BBQ fair. It's not like that here in our town! No one is worrying about backyard BBQ's.

We brought our truckload (literally) of purchases home. Tomorrow the kids and I will get the outside toys inside, pull the stuff indoors away from windows that we don't want destroyed, and just general preparations. Kinda wish I had Husband here to help, but can't dwell on it. We're big kids! We can figure this out on our own.

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jen said...

Just be careful hon- I'll be thinking about you guys...