Sunday, October 22, 2006

All Alone?

Time to myself? Huh? This can't be right! How am I sitting here, in my apartment, by myself with the baby? Husband is home, kids don't have school, yet here I sit!
Alright, really, I don't mind. My mom had bought tickets a few months ago to take Drew to a play about a Snow Dragon, and husband and Louisa are off seeing Flicka together. So everyone is doing something fun.
Hunter's having fun, too. He's watching Baby Einstein for the 3rd time in a row!
I figured this would be a great time to hop on to Club Mom and catch up on all of my moderating and such. But of course, as my luck goes, I can't get any of the files open that I need. I have special files with URL's that I copy and paste into a Welcome to Club Mom post on the Inroduce Yourself message board. However, I can't get my URL sheets to open or work properly. So, here I sit. What else am I going to do? Catch up on some blogs and write one of my own I guess.
We've got a really busy week coming up, so I guess I should take advantage of this down time. It's so hard when we're constantly on the go to sit back and relax. I wonder what else I could be doing or who may need help with something... maybe I should be cleaning!
HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Then reality sets in and I remember how much I hate cleaning! I think I'll just sit here on the computer for awhile longer.
What's that Hunter? You want me to start Baby Einstein again?! Sure!


navywife6 said...

ROFLMAO funny how we forget that the entire time they are gone we LONG for a few minutes of QUIET...then when we get it we don't know what to do with it.

Well know you are missed and I'm sorry about the URLs not working sucks to wanna work and NOT be able too...LOL got take a one of those bubble baths with the door open and NO KIDS bothering you.


Anna said...

So very happy for you, I have been thinking about you every day and thinking how fantastic your reunion must have been with your "new skinny husband", I'm back and you can read all about it on "Momtopia" Much love, sorry to hear about your cat, it's amazing how much love we have for our pets!