Saturday, October 21, 2006

It's Good to be Home!

On Thursday I picked husband up from the airport. Of course the plane had to be delayed, but hey, we've waited 7 months to see him, what's another hour?
When he walks up the corridor Louisa yells, "There he is!" I looked and looked and since I have really bad long distance eyesight, none of the soldiers looked like him. As he gets closer the kids run to get him. Is THAT my husband? Seriously?! Where did he go? He's so skinny! I just couldn't believe that was him. I tried very hard not to cry. But, Oh Lord! did that hug feel good!
Hunter was a little skeptical, having not seen his daddy since he was 7 months old. But he quickly warmed up to him. Whew... that was a relief. We were both worried Hunter would cry and run away at the sight of daddy! And in his military uniform with ruck sack strapped on his back, he looks a little formidable.
So since Thursday, we've gone to his favorite restautant, he's ridden his Harley, and best of all, I woke up this morning to a sparkling clean kitchen and he was working on straightening out the garage. What a man!
He's told me some crazy stories about things he's been through. Nothing I can repeat. But pretty much, he's been to hell and back and is not looking forward to the return trip. He's a soldier through and through, though. I married him knowing that a small part of him will never be mine. That's what you accept when you marry a military man. I just thank God there are men like him doing what they do. The people in Afghanistan are all thankful for the US presence and it makes me feel good knowing that he's doing something positive. Helping to build communities, keeping the villages safe, and working with the Afghan soldiers.
There were several things that he was happy to see again or to have again. Things that we take for granted and that, until he had this experience, he took for granted as well:
green grass
cities, not villages and mountains
running water
a toilet and shower
a building with real walls, not mud huts
paved roads
washing machine
stores to buy whatever he needs
comfortable bed
and of course, his Harley!

There's so many things that they go without and I don't think I realized all that he's been missing. Although he doesn't usually talk a lot when he calls, he just wants to hear about the kids.
So for the next few weeks, we're a normal family again. Normal.... as normal as a military family can get anyway. And I plan on enjoying every second!


Lori said...

I'm so happy that you guys have this time together!! I almost cried reading your post.

Please thank your Husband for the work that he does and the sacrifices that he AND your family make on such a huge scale. I'm just one person, but it means so much to know that we have people like your Husband who are fighting for our country, and for the freedoms that mean so much to us. You guys are so much stronger than I could ever be.


navywife6 said...

Peggie thank you for REMINDING all of us who get frustrated and angry that they are gone and we're alone that they are doing a BIGGER thing for the world. Sometimes the loneliness gets overwhealming and bolgs like yours are a HUGE asset to all of us.

I am so glad the kitchen and garage are getting cleaned up for you...means less to do after he leaves again. GREAT DETAILS by the way ROFLMAO.

Miss ya here tons but we'll see ya in a few weeks and we can all comiserate again together.

Always friends,

Roe said...

He comes home from war and cleans the kitchen and the garage? Heck, I'd marry him if he weren't taken! LOL!!!

On a serious note, I'm so glad he's home and enjoying family life for the next few weeks. Please let him know that people he's never even met appreciate everything he does for all of us!