Thursday, October 12, 2006

He's mine, get your mitts off!

I do have sad news, but I'm going to wait and dwell on the good for now.
Yesterday I chaperoned Drew's field trip to a theatre to see a play. It was a lot of fun and the play consisted of several children's stories including one of my all time faves, If You Give A Mouse a Cookie.
We rode on the bus, of course, and it was pretty cold out. So the 20 minute bus ride was not a lot of fun.
Drew has always been into girls, as I wrote about in my very first post that I seem to have trouble linking to. He had a "girlfriend" last year in preschool, even!
So far this year in kindergarten he's had a few girls that liked him, but one calls him her boyfriend. Yesterday on the field trip this little girl, the lovely Jasmine, grabbed Drew's hand an in this sweet coy little voice she says, "I love you, Andrew!" What? Love? Now I'm feeling just a small twinge of what my friend Kelly wrote about when she talked about hearing her 15 year old son say I love you on the phone to his girlfriend!
Then, this little... lover girl... kissed her hand and flirtatiously plants it on his cheek. No bother to her that I, his MOTHER, am sitting right there!
All right, all right, enough, little girlie! Go sit in your seat!
What was I supposed to do? I just kinda sat there with Drew looking up at me all embarassed. The little boy who cries when I make him pick up his toys is being kissed by a girl! This is just too much!
After the play, we're walking back to the bus and Jasmine grabs Drew's hand and starts swinging it back and forth, and again she says, "I love you, Andrew!"
My heart.... is being.... ripped.... from chest......
Then little girlie takes his hand and kisses it! How dare she! Has her mother taught her no better? First of all, she's way too young to be acting like this, and second, she's throwing herself at my 5 year old son who still pees his pants from time to time!
I'm not ready to give up my little boy. He's mine for a long time still. I am not going to be one of those mothers that easily shares their son with every Betty, Paula and Jasmine that comes along! Ok, I may not be quite so protective, but he's going to learn to pick up his underware before starts getting too serious!


Jen said...

HEHEHEHE!!!!!!!!!! Hang on, mom, it just gets worse! Feel my pain! I HATE girls calling our house all the time....ugh!

navywife6 said...

ok wait I gotta take a second to Thank God my 13 and 11 yr old aren't really into giving up video game time yet for girls HOWEVER I did see a cheerleader walking with my son to the bus after the game the other night so I am sure it coming SOONER than I really want :( I do feel for ya though honey.

Personally I think its scary this girl is willing to kiss him at 5 OMG what and when are they LEARNING this stuff now LOL.

Glad the play was fun. Thanks for the smile and KNOWING that I am NOT alone LOL

BethGo said...

I caught a little girl trying to kiss my 5-year-old son in his kindergarten class when the teacher had her back turned. Fortunately, he wasn't having it and neither was I! When did kindergarteners get so advanced? These girls are vixens!

Sandy said...

LOL! This is one problem I have experience in. ;) Logan's very much in a "Girls smell" phase. Last year in preschool he had a crush on a little girl. This year, and I quote, "I have to be friends with the girls because my teacher says we are *all* friends. . . but they play stupid girlie things and I'd rather play with just the boys. Besides, girls are smelly."

jen said...

Since when did little boys (or big ones for that matter!) learn to pick up their underwear before getting "serious"?? Hehe. And wait a minute... didn't MY Andrew and YOUR Louisa go through something like this at about the same age? Even if it was a little one-sided... what can I say, Louisa is a beautiful little girl and my son had good taste:)

Roe said...

Oh honey, welcome to the world of having good-looking kids, LOL... Will has a little group of girls trailing in his wake all the time! If I so much as mention it, I get the eyeroll and, "Mooooooom... how many times do I have to tell you, I don't like girls YET."

Yet. ;-)