Friday, September 14, 2007

Hunter's First Hair Cut

Hunter and I went to a playgroup meet-up during lunchtime and then we had to go shopping at WalMart. The fridge was *empty*, so it was one of those big shopping days with lots of coupons and a long shopping list.
Our WalMart has one of those walk-in haircut places in the front of it. It's where Louisa got her hair cut, and I also got mine chopped off a few weeks ago there. All three of us done by the same really nice lady.
The decision to finally cut off the mop was a tad impulsive, but that's how I roll! We walked past the haircut place on our way to the bathroom to wash Hunter's hands. (He had been eating tiny cinnamon rolls in the truck so he was just a little sticky! ) I noticed that there was no line, for once, and I just walked in and sat him down. He loved sitting in the chair! He sat very still the whole time. The lady kept saying she'd never cut a toddler's hair who sat so still. She also let me take all the pictures I wanted. Other times when I've taken the kids in, the haircut person looks at me funny when I ask to take a picture.
When we were all finished she took some hair and stuck it in an envelop for me and gave Hunter a "My first haircut" certificate. He was very proud of his new, shorter hair. He stood looking in the many mirrors, gazing hapily at himself. He looks like a whole new boy! (And not quite such a long haired hooligan!)
I did take pictures with my camera phone afterward and messaged them to Daddy, but Daddy is in a class today so I knew he couldn't call us back. When it was time for Drew and Louisa's buses to come home, Hunter was sitting anxiously at the bus stop for them. They both shrieked and showered him with hugs. It's like getting a new brother!

And here's the finished product! Now no one has any reason to call him a girl, or "Little Miss".


scrapperjen said... sweet!

Kim said...

He looks so cute!!! That is too funny, "it's like getting a new brother" LOL!

Anonymous said...

Peggie didn't Hunter just turn 2? His first haircut? Wow. If I'd have waited til L was 2 he would have hair long enough to braid.