Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Louisa the Librarian

With Louisa being in 4th grade this year, that means she's at the top of her school. Most primary schools, I think, have more responsibility for the top grades like hallway monitor or crossing guard. At Louisa's school they get the opportunity to work in the library. Louisa, being the bookworm that she is, wanted to do that more than anything.
She had to apply for it, just like a real job. First she had to fill out an application, then she had to interview with the librarian. She was a little nervous, but she did good.
We hit a road block at one point during the application process when Louisa's class had a bad day in the library and the librarian said she wasn't going to interview anyone in that class because they couldn't behave themselves. Mass punishment. Hmm... sounds familiar, like something my husband's Army unit does. Not something a school should be doing to children, though. So, Daddy to the rescue, he emailed Louisa's teacher *very nicely* and let her know that we didn't appreciate the librarian taking away Louisa's chance to work in the library just because a few other kids in class were acting up one day. Louisa's homeroom teacher replied that she didn't know that happened, she agreed that mass punishment wasn't the correct way to go about it, and she would look into it. The next day Louisa told us that several other parents complained as well and the librarian would indeed interview anyone from this class who wanted the job.
Now, two weeks later, Louisa comes home yesterday very excited because she is now a library helper!
Her duties will include reshelving returned books, straightening and organizing the shelves, and once in awhile assisting the little ones in choosing a book.
Her payment, she can have a snack while she's there, and the librarian will sometimes reward them with a donut breakfast, or a pizza lunch. All sorts of things that kids like to be paid with!
She can go in on any free time she has, which is a lot because she usually finishes her work ahead of the rest of the class, and any recess that she wants to stay in she can go see if there is work in the library to be done.
I'm so proud of her! I really hope this leads to big things.

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Amber said...

What a great oppertunity for her, and a great accomplishment too! Congrats Louisa!!