Thursday, September 13, 2007

Rainy day with nothing to do...

Since we're having a rain day and we're stuck inside *all* day long, the kids and I have been looking for stuff to do. First they played a spirited game of Twister, then they got bored. Then we printed out TONS of coloring and activity sheets from, then they got bored. I was searching around online and found this blog called The Generator Blog. Ooh Fun! I love all those little "generator" thingys.

We made a giant cookie first (and now I'm dying for a giant cookie and have no chocolate chips! But if you DO have chocolate chips, the website provides a recipe for a giant cookie):

To make your own cookie, go HERE. And you will also find many more things to do on that site.

We also found this one, where a little wizard writes whatever you tell it to:

Wizard Animation

Get your own little wizard HERE. As well as a typing ninja, talking cat, talking tomato, and other fun things that you can type in what you want them to say.

Here's a good one that I'm sure my nephew will appreciate. Need a good, quick, witty insult? Go to the Insult Generator! That one not good enough for you? Just hit "refresh" to get another one. Let's see what Insult they have for me today: You strange drip of humourless zit squeezings

Remember when those 3D Stereograms were so popular? People had them hanging in their houses and you were supposed to squint your eyes and stand at a distance and a picture was supposed to jump out at you. Ya, I could never see anything. But I made one HERE. It says CHAOS MOMMY. Can anyone see it?

Did you ever want to know what your "Monster Name" is? Ok, probably not! But, here's mine:

Person-Eating, Geek-Grabbing Imp of Emotion

And here's Louisa:

Lethal, Orphan-Upsetting, Investigator-Snatching Abomination

And here's Andrew (who is crying because I typed Andrew and not "Creepy")

Abhorrent, Nun-Devouring Ravager from the Enchanted Woods

Okay then, that's not really what I wanted him to grow up to be! Get your Monster Name HERE.

I also made my own Garbage Pail Kid (anyone who's a child of the 80's like I was will love this one!) and my own Simpson's character, but am having way too much trouble trying to get them on here.

So anyway, that's how I'm currently spending my day. Seeing just how many things I can "generate". Why? Because I'm bored and there are no munchies in the house.

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Nikki said...

Those are so cool! Don't be surprised if I steal your cool little widgets and post some over at my blog!