Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cool Art Stuff

Louisa's big birthday party with friends is on Sunday. We're going to a local place called Paint N Party. The kids and I went there for a playgroup meet-up during the summer, and since we love making art so much this is the perfect place to celebrate Louisa's birthday.
I told her that she can invite up to 10 kids, including her and Drew, because it will be about $10 per child. So far she's invited 4, but has a few more in mind.
We were trying to figure out a "theme" for the party, like Hannah Montana or High School Musical. But nothing really fit with an art party. We always make our own invitations, so we sat down and got creative.
This past Sunday the kids went into the yard and splatter painted a bunch of paper. Drew, in a very Jackson Pollock-esque way, splattered a nice piece for himself.
Before Louisa started splatter painting, I stamped some birthday cakes onto the paper. At the end, we added a 3-D effect with a pop-up birthday cake in the middle. She gave them to her friends yesterday and they were amazed that Louisa actually made them.
Drew's finished product went perfectly in these new frames I bought. I needed something big enough to hold a regular size piece of paper to show off the kids' artwork in a better way than just sticking them on the fridge, so I was excited when I found these "floating picture" frames. A beautiful piece that Louisa did this summer is hanging in a frame next to Drew's.
The picture frames look so nice, I want to go out and buy some more to display other projects the kids have done.
Our elementary schools don't have an art class (*gasp*) and with two very artistic kids, we're always creating something, or are at least coloring and drawing.
We're excited for Sunday to come. Louisa has had some awesome birthday parties in the past. We went bowling one year, to Michael's craft store for a craft party one year, and last year I took Louisa and her friends to a stuff your own stuffed animal
place. I'm expecting this year's party will be just as fun!

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Sandy said...

You rock! :) I love the invites. That girl of yours has a hot creative streak in her, eh? And Drew is destined for great things. I love the framed artwork. Really!