Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Another reason Disney is evil!

It's been a month now since we were at Disney World. I'm still dreaming of all the fun we had and even begging husband to take us back again. However, I have found one more way that Disney is evil.
Throughout the parks there are photographers who are more than happy to take family photos or any kind of photos you want. They then give you a card to use called a PhotoPass. You can give this card to any other photographer who will take your picture and put it on this card. Am I making sense? On the back of the card there is a code you enter into their website and you can see, and buy, all of your pictures. A really awesome concept and I was excited.
We had this nice picture taken in front of Cinderella Castle. We don't get many family pictures taken and it's an added bonus when everyone is looking at the camera smiling.
Once we get home I look at the pictures online and I'm so excited. I tried to copy and paste them to my file, but of course a place like Disney would have a block on that. So I look at how much it costs to order a CD. $99. Yes, really. $99 for a photo CD with all of my pictures on it. Ok, I guess I'm not getting a photo CD. Unless I want to sell one of my children for it. I would consider selling Louisa, but she doesn't do much housework, so I don't think she'd sell for $99. Yes, Disney is evil.
I look at how much individual pictures cost because husband says, well, just order a few that you like the best. Ok, yea! I click on the ones I want and go to check out... $150! What the??!!!!! I didn't really check the prices thinking they'd be about $5 each or so. Wrong. They only come in two sizes, either 5x7 or 8x10. I really want a 4x6 of this one because it goes perfectly with a frame I bought while we were there. They don't have 4x6. I end up ordering only two pictures. Both 5x7 at $12.95 each.
So here are my $30 worth of pictures. Yes they are worth it, but now I had to scan and re-print the horizontal one to fit in my special frame I bought. Another reason Disney is evil.


Amber said...

Those are great family photos!

Christina said...

Hey, Peg, great blog! I love it! I need to add it to my links on my blog now! Anyhow, I agree that Disney is evil. They're just interested in money. Have you noticed that every attraction ends so that you have to exit through a store? Yep. That's Disney. They find EVERY opportunity they can (and some I wouldn't have thought of) to get more $$ from you.

Anyhow, this is what I did with my photopass photos. You can't do a [right click] and then save the image. They disabled that function. BUT, you can do a [shift][Prnt Scrn] and then copy the whole screen into a graphics program. Then you can crop the photo to get all the menu bars and stuff out. Then you can save it as a graphics file--almost as good as having the disk--and a LOT cheaper! That's what I did! ;-)

Sandy said...

LOL! I went through my PhotoPass files and found nothing worth bothering one. The three photos that had the six of us - not a single one had all 12 eyes open. Go figure. ;)