Saturday, January 20, 2007

How to make a toddler really... REALLY mad

The other night I went out with Louisa to her first Brownie meeting. Husband and the boys stayed home. When I got home Hunter was walking around crying. Husband said he'd been crying for awhile and didn't know what his problem was. He had given Hunter a sippy cup with warm milk and Hunter didn't want to drink any of it. Usually that's all it takes to calm him down, but every time we handed him his sippy cup he threw it on the ground and screamed louder.
I put Drew and Louisa to bed. Hunter usually stays up about an hour or more later than they do because he sleeps much later than they get to. He was still very upset at bed time.
Our bedtime ritual with Hunter goes like this: I tell Hunter (when I notice he's getting sleepy) "Hunter go ni-night?" and he makes kissy noises and goes and give daddy kisses. He takes my hand and we walk down the hall to his room. I pick him up so he can turn off his own light, then I plop him in bed. He has these light up Fisher Price fishies and we turn those on, give him his favorite puppy and cover him up. I say good-night and I love you and he usually says "mama" or something like that.
Well, this wasn't happening the other night. He was throwing things and crying and just very mad about something. Since he's not quite 18 months yet, he can't tell us. I noticed last week that he grew in a whole bunch of molars without us even noticing, so I'm thinking he can't be teething, it's never bothered him before.
I tried to sit him down and give him his sippy cup one last time and he threw it back at me again. I picked it up and looked at it and low and behold, it was clogged! This whole time he was madder than heck because he couldn't get any milk out of his cup! We felt so awful. We were torturing him by giving him his cup when he couldn't drink out of it.
So how do you make a toddler really REALLY mad? Give him a sippy cup that he can't get anything out of, and then keep giving it to him over and over again!


navywife6 said...

OMGosh been there done that LOL. Wait till the moment you give them the sippie cup w/o the darn "non spill thing" and it runs everywhere and THEY REFUSE to go to bed till you DRY it LOL.

Thanks for the smile...I needed it today.

jen said...

Poor Baby!!! You're lucky he didn't crack you over the head with his cup!! :) That is just so funny~ well, maybe not for Hunter!

Amber said...

Oh no! I would have felt bad too... but how could you have known! OPPS! I am sure that made a long evening for Hunter and daddy and mommy!

kateandjona said...

Too funny! Poor little Hunter, Mom & Dad torturing him like that!

Anonymous said...

What mean parents you are. I can't believe you two:)

Don't you hate when that happens?

scrapperjen said...

Oh my - ooops! Kind of funny, though.

LoriAnne said...

This one is beyone hilarious. Same type of thing happened with DD, but she just kept spitting out the milk my sister gave her. I was getting mad because I thought she was playing around. Once I got up and checked on what she was drinking, I realized that my sister had given her SOUR milk. These are the stories that they'll want to be told over and over.