Thursday, January 18, 2007


Wow, my life has been so boring that I haven't even had anything to blog about! For months my life was a big whirlwind: Husband coming home, the big move from Wisconsin to Louisiana, Christmas, Disney vacation.... and now here I sit. Bored, bored, bored.
I'm trying to make friends down here, but in the military life that's not as easy as it sounds. You don't just invite yourself to hang out with people for fear of sounding presumptuous, you don't just jump in and sign up for things for fear of stepping on someone's toes, and you can give people your email address and phone number but you have to wait for them to call you. Sounds rediculous doesn't it? And I'm sure most people wouldn't put up with it. That's how things work here, though. I've emailed back and forth with a few wives and now finally have an invitation out to lunch, so hopefully my patience will pay off here.
Other than that I have been doing nothing. The kids don't really need me as much because they aren't signed up for any extracurricular activites like they were in Wisconsin, so there is no where to drive them. They take the bus to and from school every day, so they don't need me to do that anymore. We haven't found a church yet (because it's the south and there are no Lutheran churches down here) so I haven't found a place to volunteer yet. I can't volunteer in the schools because I can't take Hunter with me. **sigh** Yes, life is boring. Hum-drum, same old same old, day after day.
I'll find something to do sooner or later, but at least for now it explains my lack of blogging. Nothing's happening! Therefore, not much to blog about!


Amber said...

Sorry life is boring lately! Keep looking for a church, you will find one! Don't restrict yourself to just one type, you might be pleasantly surprised at a church that has a different name... just keep your beliefs in line with what they are teaching. Have fun at your lunch!

jen said...

Hang in there~ You'll find something to do to stay busy... even if you have to resort to cleaning!!Hahaha:)