Friday, January 19, 2007

What a koinkidink!

Ok, no clue how to spell that, but you get my drift!
We moved down here right after Thanksgiving, right? So I called the Girl Scout council a few weeks later to get Louisa set up with a troop. She is a third year Brownie and she loves being a Girl Scout.
No one called us back for awhile, so I called again.
Someone who worked there told me that a "member specialist" or something would call back.
No one called.
Last night we finally got a call from a troop leader to see if we were still interested. It was last minute, but they were having a meeting last night at 6:00. Ok, we're there!
But wait... one more thing.... (I knew exactly what was coming and this is what I feared the most)... they're starting cookie sales.
Of course!!!! That's why someone finally called me, because they are starting cookie sales! Go figure.
I hate cookie sales. Love the cookies, hate the selling. How do you go door to door on an army base? We know no one here, and husband isn't allowed to solicit at work. Family is all far away. Who are we going to sell to?
I shamelessly sent out emails to many people with this sweet little picture. Yes, I'm terribly evil! But hey, we have to sell 125 boxes of cookies to reach the troop goal.
The girls have decided that they want to go to a Camp-In for Girl Scouts at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. Awesome opportunity (and likely I'd get to go as they'll need 4 parent chaparones). So I have every intention of helping her get that goal.
We also get to do booth sales, which will help out.
So wish us luck!


jen said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah... the picture worked! And now I'm looking forward to all my boxes of yummy cookies! There's nothing better than thin mints right out of the back of the freezer (where I try to hide them)... except for maybe SEVERAL thin mints right out of the back of the freezer:) Tell Louisa best of luck with the sales!!

Amber said...

I love the new background by the way! Good luck with those cookie sales!

Anonymous said...

Darn picture, it's evil.

Can't wait to get mine.