Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Woman Speak

You know how women often say one thing, but mean the opposite? Ya, I do that regularly.
"No honey **sigh** you don't have to rub my back, I'm fine" ~ means get over here and rub my back NOW!
"I guess you can have the last little bit of ice cream" ~ means you had better save that last little bit for me cause you know I'll have a chocolate craving tomorrow!
"Ok, you can go play cards with the guys even though we had family plans tonight" ~ well, if a guy can't read that one, then he really needs to not be married!
Many times throughout the week I'll use "woman speak". Does it irritate the heck out of husband? Of course it does! Do I like playing these little games? Of course I do! I enjoy watching him try to decipher me and crack the code. It's funny. Sick, but funny.
My birthday is coming up soon. yea. And of course it just happens to be on Super Bowl Sunday. double yea. I'm sure there are plenty of women who would enjoy that. Having a big super bowl party on their birthday would be great fun to them. Not really to me, though.
At Club Mom, where I moderate message boards, we can earn points for free stuff. I have saved up many many points and haven't done much with them. So finally I ordered myself a gift card. We're going out to eat at Red Lobster, one of my favorite restaurants. With my gift card it will probably be free, or pretty close to it. Yea Me! However, we're going on Saturday, not Sunday. **sigh**
I told husband that on Sunday, I didn't mind staying home and watching the Super Bowl IF he took me out for ice cream before the game started. He was fine with that. Then I told him that I don't want a cake. {{{screeeech.... stop the bus}}} There has never been a time where I didn't want cake. But this year, with all of my stomach problems, I just don't want a big cake sitting around that I feel obligated to eat all of, which I will. So then husband says to me, "Is this code for, yes make me a cake?" I told him no, no code, no cake. He said **wink wink** "Ok hunny, no cake." I said, no really... no cake. There's no **wink wink** here. No code, no woman speak, no cake. Just take me out for ice cream and I'll be happy. There's a Cold Stone Creamery knock off down here and I just want to go there. No cake.
So we'll see if I actually get a cake or not. I still think he thought I was speaking woman speak. It's funny that he knows me so well that he asks me, though. He knows I play games with him just to see what he'll do for me. Evil, yes. Fun, double yes.

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Amber said...

Cake or not, I hope you have a great birthday dinner! Maybe the game will be boring and hubby will turn it off at half time for you! :)