Monday, January 08, 2007

Disney, Sea World and lots of magic!

How badly do you feel when you realize that you've told everyone about your Disney trip except for your blog?! Blog, honey, I'm so sorry! Please forgive me for not writing sooner. I've been a little preoccupied, but I promise I'll get better about posting. Do you forgive me? **Blog nodded it's head yes** Thank you, Honey!!!
So, first I'll post pics cause it's much easier just to post them then to strategically place all these pics throughout my story. That's a little harder than you may think it is, and I have a lot of pics to share. Of course!

When we first got to Orlando, we were greeted by this beautiful rainbow! What a great way to kick off our "magical" vacation!

Day One, Animal Kingdom:

Right before we enter Walt Disney World for the very first time!

Why it's great to have a big strong daddy! Hunter spent a lot of the trip on Daddy's shoulders. It's great because he doesn't have to look at knees all day, and Daddy doesn't have to push the stroller all day.

My little bug! Waiting in line for the Bug's Life 4-D show.

Before we got to the park we had told the kids that we were not standing in any lines to have pics with characters. That was just silly! The kids said that was fine. See... look at us sticking to our guns here! Daddy and Drew stood in line to see Mickey and Louisa and Hunter and I stood in line to see Minnie. We only waited about 20 minutes, though, I swear! And yes, feel very sorry for the people in the costumes. It was about 85 degrees at this point in the day!

Two fashionable ladies!

After we had Louisa's picture with Minnie, she came over to Hunter and gave him kisses and snuggles. We teased Hunter the whole rest of the time that he was stealing Minnie from Mickey! He was so smitten with her.

Each park has it's signature landmark that we recognize right away. Animal Kingdom's landmark is the "Tree of Life". It's so much more beautiful in real life than I thought it would be. There are hundreds of animals carved into the "tree" and it's roots. We had a lot of fun just walking around the tree playing "I Spy" with the animals.

Day Two, Magic Kingdom:

What a beautiful site to see my little princess in front of Cinderella Castle! And a great way to start off our day at Magic Kingdom. Daddy and Drew headed off to Space Mountain while Louisa, Hunter, and I headed off to find a FastPass. We stopped to take a few pics along the way. At 8:00 in the morning there aren't many people around, so it's great photo op time.

This is how Husband punishes me when I'm bad!

At each park there are opportunites to dine with characters. Usually you have to make a reservation to get in because it's a popular feature. I made reservations for breakfast with Pooh and friends at the Crystal Palace here at Magic Kingdom. It was wonderful! We saw them all, Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore. Anyone who knows me well knows that Pooh and friends are my all time favorite Disney characters, so I think this was more fun for me than anyone else! Incidentally, Hunter loved them all! He was never once scared of a costumed character. Just the opposite, he reached for them and hugged them and gave them "five".

Almost midnight and they're still alive and kicking! We got these fun hats to wear and noise makers to blow. Disney really knows how to do New Year's!

Actually, when midnight finally came around, Drew had crashed and Louisa was trying her best to stay awake. Hunter was still awake, but he was the only one to have a few naps throughout the day!

Fireworks over Cinderella Castle at midnight made the whole long day worth every agonizing step! (and OH did my feet HURT!) There's nothing like bringing in the new year amidst magic and romance!

How do you torture a husband? Make him ride "It's a Small World"!

Day Three, Epcot:

As you'll hear more about in the story when I post it, by the time we got to Epcot we were totally Disney-ed out. We could have easily done without Epcot and the kids didn't enjoy it as much as I hoped they would. As a result, I wasn't in a picture taking mood. So here are the few good ones I have.

This is the only princess we got our pic with. Louisa wasn't happy that Drew had to jump in, but hey, he's my lady's man! He's gotta jump in when there's a hot princess there! Acutally, Snow White was a little snotty and stuck up. I wasn't very pleased with her. But alas, it's just an actress and we just wanted a quick picture. I have no doubt that the princesses are treated the best at Disney, though. There's probably a reason she acted the way she did.

We bought a ton of souveniers at Epcot. They did have one of the biggest and best merchandise store in all of Disney. Hunter grabbed on to this cute little Tigger and didn't let go! (he has a habit of closing his eyes when I point the camera at him because the flash is so bright!)

Day Four, Sea World:

Hunter and daddy with "Shamu"

At "Dolphin Cove" we got to feed the dolphins and play with them and pet them. They were just as curious about us as we were about them. This little cutie kept following me around and posing for my camera. She gave me a couple really good shots of her and came right up to the kids nicely, too. What an actress! She really knows how to work her crowd! (Snow White could learn a thing or two from this precious sweetheart)


scrapperjen said...

Awesome, awesome pictures! It looks like you all had fun! YEA!!!!

Sandy said...

I. Can. Not. Wait.

three more weeks. :)