Friday, January 12, 2007

a little poem thingy

Who knew life was this short?
Who knew people died so young?
Who knew things were this complicated?
Who knew hearts broke like glass?
Who knew love could hurt?
Who knew I could cry this much?
Who knew my love could backfire?
Who knew the nice guy doesn't always win?
Who knew blood isn't always thicker than water?
Who knew distance could make the heart grow fonder?
Who knew friends could love like family?
Who knew family could be so far away?
Who knew war was this pointless?
Who knew peace was this distant?
Who knew everyone was in the same boat?
Who knew change could divde people?
Who knew enemies could be friends?
Who knew friends could treat you like the enemy?
Who knew people could complain this much?
Who knew the complainers have no solutions?
Who knew I could be this annoyed with this many things?


Amber said...

I like the poem Peggie! Thanks for sharing it!

scrapperjen said...


Anonymous said...

Peggie, that's a lot of deep thinking but I love it.