Wednesday, August 15, 2007

First Day of School, and Parent's Night Out

First of all let me just say that a toddler with a bag of M&M's in 100 degree weather when I'm wearing a white t-shirt, don't mix.

Today was the first day of school for Drew and Louisa. Louisa, with her new 'do, wanted to get up early and take a shower and have me blow dry her hair into the flippy style that the haircutting lady had it. I'm so bad with hair. I tried. It didn't quite look the same, but Louisa assured me she liked it.
Drew shot out of bed right at 6:30 this morning, ready to start his new year, whereas Louisa begged me for 5 more minutes. While getting Drew ready those 5 minutes turned into 15. That put us way behind schedule for Louisa. She got her shower, we did her hair and just as she started eating breakfast I noticed that she had to leave right that second to get the bus on time. She still had to put socks and shoes on and I wasn't done with her lunch yet. We made it, though.
They both came home with huge smiles on their faces. Their teachers are fun and they are happy with their classrooms. Louisa wants to apply for a job helping out in the library. I am very excited for this opportunity for her. Might lead to big things!
Hunter didn't really notice that his big brother and sister weren't around today. He slept till 11:30. We didn't make the playgroup that we were supposed to go to, but we did run some errands. He was happy when they got home, though!

On base they have "Parent's Night Out" every so often. On my playgroup website I saw that the Charlie Daniels Band is coming here to give a free concert next month, and that the Army Community Services is offering free child care. I signed the kids up for the child care. I will surprise Husband with the news when he gets back from training. It's only the Charlie Daniels Band, but Husband enjoys them and most of all it will be great to have some time to ourselves before he deploys.

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